Lucha Libre is a freestyle form of wrestling. Some people can describe it as a style of predetermined free fighting. It was introduced in Mexico with an imaginative unique mask and high flying moves in the ring. Lucha masks are a traditional part of the performers and have a superior significance to their heritage. One of the most important aspects of Lucha Libre is the working of the tag team. Tag team wrestling is a vital part of the in-ring psychology of the tradition of Lucha Libre. The team needs to work seamlessly together to reach their goal and outcome of gaining the audience’s emotions.


Asistencia Asesoría y Administració or Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide is a wrestling promotion founded in 1992 by Antonio Pena and based in Mexico City, Mexico. Antonio Pena created the AAA after leaving Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. In an effort to have a promotion that allowed more creative liberty and independence compared to other Lucha promotions. AAA continued to grow in audience attendance and contracted competitors to Japan and the United States.


AAA Lucha Libre is highly developed, with an extreme reputation when it comes to match styles. However, they have worked with several promotions such as NOAH, Impact Wrestling (which inspired the company to use a hexagonal wrestling ring), WCW, and MLW.

AAA Lucha Libre is on the verge of crossing over to more mainstream audiences internationally as the growth of the promotion continues. They were able to increase their rating and viewership by 1.5 million on April 19, 2019.  The total number came out to 5.4 million viewers. This is now known as the biggest record-breaking audience viewership of all time on Azteca. The main event showcased and featured The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson winning their first titles in Mexico. After capturing the AAA World Tag Team Championship from Fénix and Pentagon Jr. this would also be the most viewed match featuring The Young Bucks. They will defend their AAA World Tag Team Championships against The Lucha Bros at Double or Nothing on May 25, 2019, in Las Vegas.

Lucha Libre generally has not had the ability to crossover to more mainstream markets in the same ways say NJPW. The main reason is audience awareness and the ability to be shown in a more respectful manner. Lucha Libre is growing in popularity because of the responsiveness with promotions such as Impact Wrestling showcasing new talent on a regular basis.

Lucha Libre AAA needs to expand to U.S. soil to display the importance of the tag team division and to share the importance of Mexican culture with pro-wrestling.  By allowing them to arrive and expand to the states it will break down walls and ignorance of the importance of tag team wrestling. Lucha libre represents the reputation of Mexican heritage and its pedigrees with the world of professional wrestling.

Now with the expansion of All Elite Wrestling growing every week and the partnership with AAA. This allows the international growth of one of the greatest Lucha Libre organizations to be observed and regarded in the highest standards of professional wrestling. AAA has always had the appeal to go global and reach those high standards with a cultivating audience such as AEW.

All Elite Wrestling wants to transform and revolutionize the vision of pro-wrestling. Along with this vision will be the rebirth of the tag team main event. Tag team wrestling has been unseen from the main event of a card for some time. However, in Lucha Libre tag team is strategic and a significant aspect of the event. By announcing the partnership with AAA Lucha Libre this will accomplish the goal of providing the best professional wrestling that can be seen around the world. Along with the revolution of the tag team main event and the international growth of Lucha Libre.










Pics & Video Courtesy of AAA | AEW

By Ashley Rose Nova

Ashley Rose Nova AKA Ashley Rose started her career as a Freelance comic book artist featured in the San Diego International Comic Con book and known for several horror anthology stories with pin up art featured in different independent comics. As her career progressed she receive an opportunity to write about one of her life passions which is professional wrestling. Ashley Rose has contributed to several wrestling sites.