Knocked Loose are back with a single to precede this summer’s highly anticipated sophomore LP. The single is limited to 1000 copies on limited 7” vinyl and also features a cover and a re-recorded classic cut.

If this single is a statement of intent the next album is going to be heavier, more technical and full of fire and brimstone.

Mistakes Like Fractures starts with a drum roll, screeching guitars and then like a blow to the ears overdrive and machine gun drumming pave the way for impassioned vocals. This is over three minutes of skull crushing modern hardcore, absolutely packed with break downs and a chorus made to be yelled along to. The song writing is imaginative and although respective the chorus takes focus at all the right times, giving the crushing guitar lines and snarling vocals a sense of purpose. There are a couple of extra moments of interest to tee up huge breakdowns, within each of these movements there is a chance for the guitars and bass to take the forefront. These guitar lines move from angular and almost gentle to overdriven and weighty effortlessly and just when it seems like this could not get heavier the climax approaches. Deep dark guitars layer on top of each other to create a tone so heavy it is almost dizzying and as the wall of ominous sound builds to an uncomfortable level this single fizzles out with a feedback soaked whimper. This whimper is absolute genius and compliments the aggression with a much simpler emotive tool.

With the B sides the band continue along a similar vein which without the already complex approach could spell disaster, instead this is a release packed with intensity and guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

There are few bands that sound like Knocked Loose, they are a band that understand hardcore and its associated off shoots in their purest form. Each element is broken down and simplified into a format that fits with their overall sound, these combined elements pile on top of each other to make the simple incredibly complex. The guitars travel between metal, thrash and punk using overdrive and feedback to create moments of staggering  difference, like the most vicious shoegaze imaginable. The vocal range is enormous the combination of low growls, snarling shouts and glorious gang vocals is stunning. The driving force behind all of this is the drumming which switches between power, speed and precision on a seemingly impossible knife edge.

UK hardcore is in a great place right now and this single suggests Knocked Loose are going to continue to push harder and faster.