On April 20, 2019, All Elite Wrestling announced Cody’s opponent for Double or Nothing. In a surprise turn of events, his opponent would be his brother Dustin Rhodes.

Dustin is better known as Goldust in WWE. Dustin Rhodes is one of the most iconic in-ring veterans to be announced for this upcoming event with the innovative wrestling promotion AEW.

The American Nightmare did state that this match would be a personal one. Dustin Rhodes stated that this match could be his one last ride. Cody will continue to impress everyone with his success and stated he will be putting him out to pasture.

Dustin wished his younger brother good luck with that. He stated he hears the cheers every time he steps into that ring and reminds everyone it is not that he still has “it” but that he never lost his “It” factor. He reminisced a time when Cody asked him for his help with his persona Stardust and that WWE hurt his feelings. He also talked about how he has and always will be proud of his younger brother’s accomplishments. He has been and always was there for him.

Dustin Rhodes is shown losing his signature black and gold paint. To only appear with his new red and black paint.

As the Journey of Double or Nothing continues, the excitement of the aspiring wrestling promotion grows. Wrestling fans around the world are enthusiastic about the addition of this match to the Vegas show. This will not only be a fascinating match for the decade but one that will not be easily forgotten. Double or Nothing will take place on May 25, 2019 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where the 2 sons of the American Dream will collide for the evaluation of the family legacy.

Pics & Video Courtesy of AEW & WWE.

By Ashley Rose Nova

Ashley Rose Nova AKA Ashley Rose started her career as a Freelance comic book artist featured in the San Diego International Comic Con book and known for several horror anthology stories with pin up art featured in different independent comics. As her career progressed she receive an opportunity to write about one of her life passions which is professional wrestling. Ashley Rose has contributed to several wrestling sites.