There is no better place to launch an album than the venue beneath your record label, tonight Woahnows are living that very dream.

With a venue packed full with friends, fans and family the atmosphere and anticipation before Woahnows take the stage is electric, the band start and silence washes over the room. With ‘Young and Cool’ launching today it’s fitting to hear the album in full and as the album intro begins the night begins to feel special. We loved the LP here at VH and with the combined musical talents of three accomplished musicians the album is coming from the stage with all those lovable aspects and added stage presence.

As the set progresses through the album the variety in song writing is even more striking than within the recordings. The flow between gentle emotive vocals and explosive hooks is taken in the bands stride with relative ease. This is just one of many examples of their prowess as a live act. Throughout the set each member has moments to take the focus of the audience but as a front person Tim holds everything together, between emotive vocals and complex guitar parts there are moments of humble stage patter. The at times awkward jokes convey nothing but gratitude and add another thing to smile about. The musicianship in particular slots together effortlessly with bass parts full of challenge and endless movement , behind all this the driving drums are combined with razor sharp harmonies.

In a room full of people who seem to know what’s coming next, these live versions are packed with small surprises yet each songs sounds almost as perfect as the recordings. There is an obvious raw live edge but there are also moments of absolute perfection. With the addition of an audience on backing vocals there are some truly spine-tingling moments as the set approaches the finale and as the final notes ring through the venue there is a moment of silence as the audience process what they have just seen.

With the encore Woahnows embrace the opportunity to play a couple of old classics and the audience already warmed up react by spending whatever energy is left singing and dancing. As the final moments approach there is a mood somewhere between disappointment that this is really the end and elation as the room realises this was a truly special show.

Tonight taking place in a community owned venue could not be more fitting, from first to last moment Woahnows created an atmosphere so warm in community spirit it would be almost impossible not to be inspired. This is an absolutely perfect way to launch what will prove to be one of the best albums of 2019.