Bright and colourful The Regrettes take to the stage. The energy they are receiving from the crowd is impressive, especially for a support act. The Regrettes are bringing something different to the alt-pop scene and they are doing it incredibly well.  They are full of angst and character as they own the stage at Wembley SSE arena. With women at the forefront, it’s a welcome change to the constant male fronted acts and they blow the competition out of the water. On stage the band are frantic with energy, lead singer Lydia Night dancing round the stage when she’s not playing guitar. Every song has its own unique sound to it which is refreshing to hear, whilst all still have a distinctive bite to the music, emitting a sound that is flickering with neon brightness. As a whole their set was boisterous and lively, a perfect opener to warm up the crowd.

Following on from their two sold out Alexandra Palace shows in 2016 Twenty One Pilots have erupted. Due to headline Reading and Leeds festival this summer it is sure to be phenomenal! Tonight is the first night of three sold out SSE Wembly stadium shows as part of the Bandito Tour. Restlessly waiting are 12,500 fans, many wearing Khaki with yellow tape strapped to themselves recreating the videos from the new Trench era.

Josh Dun, the bands drummer, lurks onto a dark stage. Wearing a yellow bandana over his face, he is dressed like many members of the fans or Clique as they are called. He is holding a flare staring blankly out at the crowd. Singer Tyler Joseph then appears on top of a car rising from the floor, jumping off as it ignites in flames for the start of ‘Jumpsuit’. The thumping intro of ‘Jumpsuit’ has the amassed fans jumping frantically, Tyler’s static laced vocals enticing the crowd. During the middle eight confetti cascades onto the crowd before the build up for the frenzy of the final chorus.

Next up is ‘Levitate’, also taken from their latest album Trench, where Tyler climbs back on top of the car whilst its burning. The rap in ‘Levitate’ is particularly impressive. This then takes us into ‘Fairly Local’, an older one from 2015’s Blurryface. The beginning of this song is performed with Tyler on top of a raised platform on the stage before he disappears. He reappears on top of a balcony in the seated area, fans in shock as he completes the rest of the song from there.

Following from ‘Fairly Local’ is a bizarre video of a beanie floating around streets before one is lowered onto the stage, Tyler then wearing it. I think it’s finally been long enough that ‘Stressed out’ no long feels over played and the clique go wild for it. The introduction to ‘Heathens’ is chill inducing as Josh takes a break from pounding away on the drums to have a purely piano intro, Tyler and the crowd singing the lyrics in unison beautifully. This then takes us into ‘We Don’t Believe what’s on tv’. There is a wardrobe change, Tyler wearing clothes from the Blurryface era, the floral shirt and white sunglasses. He then gets the crowd to belt the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Josh playing the Trumpet parts when taking a quick break from drums. Everything about the set so far has been so seamless and is impossible to fault. ‘The Judge’ is as adorable on ukulele as always before getting more fierce for the middle eight.

Back to Trench the band play ‘Cut My Lip’ slowing things down slightly but played with just as much power and emotion. Having a whole arena singing the lyrics ‘I don’t mind at all lean on my pride, lean on my pride I’m a lion’ is something special. Tyler takes us back to the Emotional Roadshow tour days as he performs ‘Lane Boy’ with his floral shirt over his face. Part way through the song he gets the clique to stay low, all the fans crouching down before jumping back up in a frenzy. During this part, two people in dust suits and gas masks riot onto stage with smoke machines. In my opinion, this was undoubtably one of the best songs of the set.

As the stage goes dark, Josh and Tyler reappear wearing yellow jumpsuits. Ambient yellow lighting engulfs the stage for ‘Nico And The Niners’ as a bridge slowly comes down from the ceiling. The bridge connects the main stage to the b stage as Tyler dances across during ‘Nico And The Niners’. Josh later walks around the crowd to join Tyler on the B-stage as he begins to play ‘Neon Gravestones’ on piano. The song is heart-wrenchingly beautiful yet haunting and full of turbulent emotion. During ‘Pet Cheetah’ both band members walk back over the bridge, Tyler performing the rap section from the bridge whilst trying to open a pit up.

The band take us way back to the Vessel era next with ‘Holding On To You’ clearly a fan favourite and it’s understandable why. After changing into all black other than a bright red beanie, the song starts with Tyler standing on top of the crowd, fans swarming toward him. Having the whole venue sing ‘Entertain my faith’ was chill-inducing and ethereal. Josh does what he always does during ‘Holding On To You’, performing a backflip off the piano.

Before playing ‘Ride’, Tyler introduces something called the ‘Quiet Game’ where the aim is for the whole arena to stay as quiet as possible for as long as they can. Tonight only lasted 2.48 seconds thanks for to a man in the seated area shouting at the top of his lungs, to which the whole arena booed him. It’s clear just how much the Clique means to the band when Tyler stops during ‘Ride’ to check on a fan who needed to leave the crowd. ‘Car Radio’ is as epic as ever, Tyler appearing on a platform he had climbed up in the middle of the room at the end of the song. Tonight the call for an encore is a little different. The crowd sings the woahing section of the song over and over again until the band comes back.

The night concludes with an excellent encore of ‘Chlorine’, ‘Leave The City’ which is beautiful live, and ‘Trees’. During ‘Trees’ the band climb on top of the crowd and start playing drums as confetti goes everywhere. Twenty One Pilots stand on the stage, linking shoulders, looking out at the crowd at SSE Wembley Arena saying ‘We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you’.

You can catch Twenty One Pilots yourself when they headline Reading and Leeds festival this year!