Blanket frontman and guitarist Bobby Pook has released a music video and song for his “bedroom solo project” nothing.ever.forever and we are loving it.

Pook says “originally I started this solo project for a bit of fun, as I got into it I loved the process. Playing with 808’s, sample packs and old synths has been great.”

Talking about the debut single and ‘Buried’ and tbe upcoming album Killing Season he said, “I’ve always listened to a lot of hip-hop, grime, electronic music but I’d never tried to create it myself. I recently upgraded my studio and wanted to play around with synths and samples, as it progressed I really enjoyed the process. I find working on my own super rewarding and not particularly better or worse but different to my usual band set up. Nothing.ever.forever started as a bedroom project essentially but the more I worked on it and showed it to friends, the more I was spurred on and inspired to make more and finish a full piece for the project…The album and song touch on a lot of subjects and themes, at the time I was watching a lot of murder documentary’s, one of which was the series by the director of Cropsey called Killing Season about the amount of women, often sex workers, that were disappearing around America. In many of these cases the authorities were not actively looking for or caring about these women as they were seen as lesser members of the communities, which I found really sad.”

Watch the video below.