Andy Black has dropped the video for the second single from his upcoming album The Ghost of Ohio.

‘Ghost of Ohio’ follows the release of ‘Westwood Road’ last month and this record is looking set to be an amazing listen. It will follow the narrative of the graphic novel of the same name which will be released alongside the album.

Speaking about the new track Andy said, “I grew up in southwestern Ohio and moved to Los Angeles at age 18. I’ve been on the road for essentially my entire adult life, but some part of me always has this intrinsic connection to the town I am from and the good and bad times I experienced there. This song and video both represent the idea of viewing your home from the perspective of an outsider. I wanted to explore the idea of what it feels like to be ‘home’ but feel a million miles away even though you’re surrounded by all the things you are most familiar with.”

Watch the video below.

By Rai Jayne Hearse

A hermit from Up North, Rai spends her time scribbling words, buried under a pile of magazines and cassette tapes. Whenever she does finally emerge from her tiny office she tries to achieve world domination as the bassist of kick-ass punk band Pink Hearse.