A stolen gem, a master criminal and a chase around the world, intrigued? If so, then The Raven Remastered might be the game for you. THQ Nordic have brought us the remaster of this 2013 crime adventure. This point-and-click adventure game will lead you on the hunt for the legendary Raven a master criminal who is stepping up his game. In order to catch The Raven, you must use your smarts to discover clues and piece together the mystery like a true detective. Remastering this crime drama gives gamers a new chance to experience this title but why should you spend your time on The Raven?

The Raven sees constable Anton Zellner following the investigation of The Raven’s Heir, a criminal who has already taken one of the legendary eyes of the Sphinx. You begin your adventure on the Orient Express where you must help the world-famous inspector Legrand who is searching for The Raven. You must look for clues and discover the mysteries of those who are travelling on the train. These clues will lead you on an adventure to uncover the true identity of The Raven. The game is split into multiple chapters each taking place in a new location. These chapters break up the story and give you a chance to investigate scenes and learn as much as you can about the people you are travelling with. The game is full of twists and turns and will keep you on your toes throughout the adventure.

The Raven plays like any other point-and-click adventure. You are able to interact with the world by either talking to people, examining items/people or taking items. You have free movement but in order to progress or find clues, you must interact with the environment. Choosing the right items to combine with others is key to progression. Just because you haven’t considered using an item doesn’t mean you won’t need it. In a game like this everything has been placed for a reason.

While items are important there is nothing more important than information. In order to solve the smallest puzzle, you’ll need to talk to the NPC’s and gather as much information as you possibly can. Each new interaction can lead to new discoveries. These discoveries will progress the story and sometimes reward you with interesting interactions with characters. While these controls aren’t groundbreaking they do give the game a simplicity that frees you up to engage with the story. At the end of the day, The Raven is a game that needs to be watched. Gamers will need to interact while also sitting back and taking in the mystery that is waiting to unfold.

While the mystery is engaging and the characters feel full of life it doesn’t impress from a gameplay standard. As I have stated the game relies on a point and click system, while this works brilliantly for the title it does sometimes feel lacking. Interacting with characters takes time and moving back and forth through a train or a boat to talk to the same couple of people doesn’t feel very compelling. This is helped with the use of Chapters that change location bringing new characters and environments to interact with but without the dramatic cutscenes, the gameplay seems very stiff. The system can feel very tiring especially for those use to quick responsive controls but while this is the case the main appeal of the game is the story and this system suits it perfectly.

So overall The Raven Remastered brings back a point-and-click action-adventure that will see you trying to solve the mystery of The Raven. The game has a simple mechanic but brings you in with an enticing story. The game hangs on the mystery, your willingness to learn the secrets and track down The Raven is what drives the game forward. You will also be pulled through the twists of the game leading you further into the mystery than you thought you would be. If you are looking for a title with a strong story that forces you to stretch your investigative skills then this is the one for you.