Hi Masked Intruder, how’s it going?


What are your pronouns?


Your 2019 started with and album announcement, what does the rest of the year have in store?

We’ll be releasing the record on March 1st and going on tour to support it in the US with The Interrupters! We’ll tour more throughout the year, and then probably rob some houses and stuff.

Are there any releases you are looking forward to in 2019?

Yeah, our friends Teenage Bottlerocket are putting a record out. We’re stoked for that!

Can you let me in on any info about the album?

Yeah, it’s called “Masked Intruder III” and it’s like a sequel to our other two full lengths. It sounds awesome – we worked with Roger Lima and Mike Kennerty as on our last EP and they killed it. The songs really came together and the record has a lot of distinct vibes at different parts but still feels like a whole, so mission accomplished. We recorded it mostly in Florida, at Roger’s studio, but we had to record a few bits and pieces from prison, which was dicey but luckily panned out. Turns out the visiting room has decent acoustics.

Will you be returning to the UK on tour?

Hell yes! We’ll be there this summer. Can’t wait to have a proper pint! And some Buckfast! We love that stuff.

How has your song-writing or recording process developed within this release?

It’s really developed a lot. For this record, there was a long pre-production process, where we really dug in and tweaked shit till it was as good as any of us could imagine it being. Plus, I think that our musical understanding has just grown, so some of the chord movement is more sophisticated than ever, for example. Also, we developed a highly productive habit of drinking alternating coffee and beer nonstop, which I think really helped.

What inspires your writing, do lyrics or instruments come first?

Melody kinda comes first in my head, but it usually comes with chunks of lyrics, or at least some ideas for what kinda thing the song would be about. Chords are just sort of implied by the melody. In cases of guitar riff type stuff, sometimes the riff comes first and then Melody and lyric ideas later. The lyrics are usually about 80-90% done when we get into the studio and lines often get finalized or changed during the recording.

How did you meet?

Red and Green we’re cellmates. Apparently other dudes on the cell block used to call them the Christmas twins, onaccouna they’re Christmas colors. When I was moved to their cellblock and I first met them I had no idea Red was wearing a mask, I thought he had real bad acne. Mind you, I was pretty wasted – Green always had the best toilet wine.

Which of you has committed the best crimes?

It’s hard to say… Red has made several episodes of “America’s Dumbest Criminals” so probably not him, unless you’re talking comedic value, in which case id say he’s a shoe-in. One time he ordered a pizza to a house he was robbing, then robbed the delivery driver. Obviously, dude called the cops. By the time they got there, Red was stuck in the bathroom with mud butt onaccouna it was an double-extra jalapeno pizza, which he thought was funny to order, but then ate the whole thing while ‘on-the-job’.

Is working in the music industry better than a life of crime?

Not really, no. It’s kinda strangely similar, actually. Sometimes it feels even more crooked.

Has a life of crime set you up for touring?

It’s great in terms of dealing the difficulty of the road. Sometimes you’re poor and hungry and tired, but you got nowhere to turn. Well, our training as criminals enables us to be urban survivalists and extract value from the environment to sustain ourselves. Like Xbox ones, for example, did you know you can pawn them for cash? It’s true.

Where is the best place to tour?

Like, in the whole world? I guess I don’t know… But, I can tell you we really like going overseas. It’s like, extra fun. I’d say Japan and Australia are among my favorites, but I also love Italy and Spain and a lot of Europe really. Holland is super nice. Plus, most places in Europe, there seems to be less cops, which is awesome.

What is it like having your own police chaperone everywhere you go?

Shitty. Except for when you really gotta go and you’re stuck in traffic. He can always pull the “I’m a cop” shit and run red lights or drive around traffic. That part is cool.

What is the best thing you have ever stolen?

An immersion blender. Hands down one of the my top kitchen must-haves. Also, small and easy to steal. It’s awesome!

What are your favorite records?

Weezer’s Blue album is always in my top whatever list. Also, Anthem for a New Tomorrow by Screeching Weasel was always been a favorite of mine. I tend to like records with a blueish cover, but not always. The first Tenacious D record is one of my favorites – it’s like a perfect blend of funny and rad. That record was definitely a big influence on us, though maybe not in terms of sound.

Do you have any tips for readers that are looking to start a life of crime/music?

Yeah. If they wanna do crime, I’d say go for it. It’s pretty lucrative. If they wanna start a band, I’d say don’t. There’s too much of that these days and you’ll only end up being a drag on society.

Where can we hear more, buy some records or patch in to your crew?

You can find our music anywhere – Spotify, Apple, Amazon, whatever. You know, the internet. You can see our tour dates at maskedintruderband.com and keep up with us on social media @maskedintruder (Instagram & Facebook) and @maskedintruder1 on Twitter

Masked Intruder III is out on 1st March 2019 you can pre-order directly from Pure Noise Records