Black futures are weird but I think that’s the point. Before their set, two people in dust suits walk onto stage. They start waving flags before the background music has been turned off, not really creating the ambience that they were trying for. The music is dark and synthesised with crunchy guitar and harsh sound vocals. Considering it’s just two of them they have created a thick, interesting sound for themselves.

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes take to the stage of sold out The Empire in Coventry, the biggest night of the tour. It’s not surprising that the band sold out the 900 capacity venue when you bear in mind this is a band that has sold out Brixton Academy not that long ago. The band is explosive with energy, front man Frank Carter in particular despite being ill he still brings his all. The first played is ‘Crowbar’, the band’s most recent single taken from their upcoming album The End Of Suffering due to be released in May. The track is even more biting and powerful live than it is in the studio.

Being ill doesn’t stop Frank doing his normal antics, climbing on top of the crowd in the fourth song, ‘Trouble’, and doing head stands on top of the fans. This tour is seeing the introduction of a few new songs off the upcoming album, the first being ‘Tyrant Lizard’ which is as catchy and boisterous as all the songs that came before it. Part way through the set Frank does his usual talk about harassment against women, it is great that he is bringing up the issue. He says “Ladies this is your song, for all the utter bullshit you have to put up with all the time and I respect you.” He then continues to invite the girls to crowd surf in a safe environment and if they feel they have been touched inappropriately, to raise their hands and it will be dealt with.

Frank also takes the time to talk about mental health before their new song ‘Anxiety’ saying “This song is on our next album End Of Suffering which comes out in May. It’s about the last four years of my life where I had a lot of fucking ups and downs, and the downs were so fucking traumatic, that I got really really close to stepping off. Anxiety is a dark problem that lives deep in your heart and mind, and it doesn’t matter how fucking blessed your life is, it doesn’t matter how good it seems to everybody else, if you don’t believe you are worth something.I am talking to everyone in the room, but most importantly I am talking to the men here. We are conditioned to be warriors and the problem with that, there’s a major fucking flaw, the pinnacle achievement for a warrior is to fucking die, we aren’t going to fucking die anymore. I want every single person in this room to live a long fucking life for their parents, for their partners, for their children, their families and most importantly for themselves. If you are struggling please talk to someone.”

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnake’s set is strong from start to finish ending with an awesome encore of ‘Devil Inside’, ‘Crowbar’ (again, not that we are complaining) new song ‘Kitty Sucker’ and finally fan favourite, ‘I hate you’.