Another graceful haymaker of a film from the proven talent Christophe Honoré (Sophie’s Misfortunes, 2016). A reflection on love and what one must endure – without it getting even a little sentimental. Sorry Angel is a love story with a bare-knuckle punch, making the statement that love, in the end, is worth the bruising.

European cinema is known to give viewers a different way to look at the human experience and Honoré keeps to that expectation whilst cutting out all the soppy moments out, which is gorged on far too often by audiences.

The story follows a writer, Jacques, (Pierre Deladonchamps) and a student, Arthur (Vincent Lacoste), who is half his age. They fall in love and face both sickness and rejection, trials that only test the strength of the love that draws them to one another. Throughout the piece we’re given no sense of knowing what’s around the corner for these two. Much like life itself the viewer remains ignorant to the next action and remains committed to understanding what this dangerous love will do. This story is truly an original mix of love, humour and melancholy.

This is elevated even further by the well-versed casting of a reckless yet lovable Arthur, a helpless and stoic Jacques and the naturally comedic Mathieu (Denis Podalydès). With the final scene fixed on this trio, it marks the three of them as truly belonging on the big screen.

This story wouldn’t be classed as easy-watching by any means, though the brilliant writing and charisma of its characters certainly marks it as a masterful story of love. Even with the genre being so overcrowded, Sorry Angel seems to part the way for itself.

Sorry Angel  has the vigour of youth and the mature soul of the experienced, placing it high on the list of must-see films of this year.

Dir: Christophe Honoré

Prd: Philippe Martin

Scr: Christophe Honoré

Cast: Vincent Lacoste, Pierre Deladonchamps & Denis Podalydès

DOP: Rémy Chevrin

Country: France

Runtime: 132 mins

Sorry Angel (2018) will be available in selected cinemas across the UK on the 22nd March 2019.