The world’s favourite rock band, Tenacious D, have been busy. Last year they released Post Apocalypto which was both an album and an animated series, drawn by Jack Black, voiced by both Black and Gass. The series sees the band survive an atomic bomb by hiding in a fridge. The band then has to combat the evil spawned in the blast in true Tenacious D style. Each episode includes tracks from the new album.

With that released the band embarked upon a sold out, coast to coast North America tour. After that, the band are crossing to the UK to bring the show to us. Originally only one date on June 2nd at Wembley Arena was planned but having sold that out another has been added. This added date is the day before on June 1st, giving fans who missed out on tickets another chance to see the Tenacious D.

Tickets are available here on the band’s website

Photo: Shane McCaughley