From rose-colored records, we get a melding of musical minds with the Sugar Rex Split. The split sees Sugar Rush! and Me Rex, two impressive up and comers from the Indie punk world, come together for that old tradition of a split record.

Sugar Rush! a band seemingly pulling on both classic jangling emo and those emo bands from the 00s that you love regardless, contribute Tube For a Quid. Me Rex, a project lead by Fresh’s Myles McCabe, come with their sound that combines the synth-based indie of artists like Passion Pit with an almost folk/ singer-songwriter approach. They bring their track Flood to the split.

So when can you get your hands on it and in what format? Well, it drops on 25th January through rose-colored records who will also be offering a very limited run of cassettes. Yes, they are as pink as you think they are, yes the artwork is awesome and you should totally preorder now!