Hi Spielbergs, how’s it going?
We’re doing great! So much positivity coming our way ahead of the release of our first album! At the same time we’re really busy rehearsing for the upcoming tour.

What are your pronouns?                                                                                                           All He/Him

What were your highlights of 2018?
The release of our EP “Distant Star”, and the good reviews we got I would say. And also playing our first ever UK-shows.

What does 2019 have in store for you?
A lot, it seems. We will be touring Norway and UK this spring, and hopefully do a bunch of festivals in the summer, in Norway as well as abroad. In between the shows and in the autumn we will be recording some new material. We’ve got more coming!

Your album comes out at the start of February, what can you tell me about the record?
We put a lot of work into it, and tried to show the full spectrum of what Spielbergs can be. It’s released on By The Time It Gets Dark, our excellent label, and will be available on yellow 12” vinyl and CD.

You have a varied sound, where do you take influence?
From all over the place, really, but we do admire bands that take risks in their music, that are not afraid to show diversity. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead is one band that we all respect and have listened to a lot. Their willingness to mix long, jam-like songs with more immediate tunes have always spoken to us as musicians and songwriters.

We listen to everything from punk-rock to jazz, and probably draw inspiration from all this, as well as literature, movies and everyday interactions.

How hard is it to combine hooks/choruses with complex musicianship?
Hmm, how to answer this without sounding cocky? Big choruses have been a focus for us with this band, and something we have tried our best to achieve. The musicianship is really just the three of us bringing our different playing styles together. But our focus has been mainly on the songs, and not on impressing with our playing.

How does your song writing process work?
Either Mads (guitar/vocals) or Stian (bass/vocals) brings an idea for a song to the rehearsals, and we work on it together. When the song itself starts to come together we play around with tempo, fills, dynamics and such. Sometimes it’s done in a couple of weeks, sometimes it takes months to get it right.

Is your live sound different from your recordings?
We try to do the record justice, but some of the songs have been “reborn” in the process of working on the tour-set. But there will be loud guitars!

How hard is it to balance the live and recorded sounds?
We didn’t want to limit ourselves in the studio with live sound in mind, so we did a lot of overdubs. These things are hard to recreate live, but we’ve got help from our good friend Ole Torstein Hovig, who will be playing synth on the tour. He helps us fill out the sound, and make sure most of the sound from the record is recognizable live as well. There’s also more energy to the songs when they are being played live, more pace and flow.

You are touring the UK next month, are you looking forward to it?
Oh yes! This is our first ever UK-tour, and we’re super excited! Can’t wait to visit all the venues and meet the audience face-to-face!

How much pressure do you feel on a headline run?
There is some pressure for sure, but this is what we’ve been working hard towards, so we’re looking forward to showing the audience what Spielbergs is all about.

Outside of music what interests does the band have?
We like to read and watch movies, and eat good food, either by home cooking or trying out new restaurants. In the summertime the forests and mountains in Norway are really good for hiking and fishing. Mainly brown trout and perch, with the occasional pike. There’s actually a river in the middle of Oslo where you can catch salmon as well as trout. Fishing in the middle of town is great fun, as you can sit down at a pub and grab a beer in between the casts!

What are your 5 favourite albums?
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Source, Tags And Codes

Hot Snakes – Suicide Invoice

Mogwai – Come On, Die Young

Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation

The Get Up Kids – Something To Write Home About