It’s rare now a days in the social media/internet world we are involved with that secrets and surprises arise. Movie snapshots are released, someone posting something from an interview no one has seen, most of the entertainment world has been and will be spoiled for us.

And yet, on a Wednesday morning in January the three fellas in Tiny Moving Parts did just that. The band has released two new songs, and a new 7″ so encapsulate them in physical form. I was nothing short of ecstatic when finding this out and immediately searched to listen way over an hour combined today (the two songs are a combined six minutes) I have many reasons to love this week.

The band has perfectly allowed their punk roots to be carried by more elegant instrumentation and vocals, these two songs are a perfect way to show those off and show everyone another side of the band. For The Sake Of Brevity” feels very reminiscent to “Dakota” which is the lead song off their first major release six years ago. With the same emotion and passion, the vocals carry in the opening and ending of the song. the beginning of the track Dillon belts “Listen up cubs, please don’t be afraid
This is the worst news I swear I’ll have to say to you” you can feel yourself wanting to yell along even when you don’t know the words.

“Fish Bowl” an anthem for anyone who is has felt stuck, gives a more balanced song not dominated by any one part of the band but allowing harmony to be the star and shine. Surprising everyone today, the band created two well-executed tracks that anyone who hears will be anticipating to hear them when their new big tour happens. Until then the band has a few UK dates found below along with a video they have released to go along with “For the sake of brevity”.




Tiny Moving Parts 2019 UK tour dates

May 24: Bristol, Booze Cruise
May 25: Leeds, Slam Dunk Festival
May 26: Hatfield, Slam Dunk Festival