The home of Massive Attack and Idles, amongst many others, the thriving metropolis of Bristol has always been an excellent home of an impressive music scene. Supporting independent venues has never been so important, and Bristol hosts a large number of popular ones, making it an attractive location for students and young families. From the larger venues in the city centre to the small cornered pubs scattered around the wider districts, there is no short of entertainment, no matter what your taste.


  1. Hy Brasil Music Club

Looking for a place to enjoy top-notch food, drink and entertainment all in one?  Baldwin Street is no short of food outlets and sports pubs but if you’re looking for some up-and-coming talent, then Hy Brasil (previously called Start the Bus) is the place to be. Alongside their mouth-watering burgers, excellent selection of craft beers and pleasing décor, the venue sees regular DJs and live acts.


  1. Colston Hall

It’s Bristol’s largest concert hall with an iconic backlog of performers to show off: including Elton John, The Beatles and David Bowie. The multi-purpose location also hosts comedy acts alongside Classical, Folk and Jazz renditions. Along with their impressive list of big names and musical legends, the hall stands proud in the city centre, with a splendid interior to match.


  1. The Louisiana

The popular pub and legendary independent music venue situated in the heart of Bristol has seen some big names grace the room upstairs. From Placebo and Super Furry Animals to Florence and the Machine, the family-run venue has been known to support small talent before they rise to the big time. With only a capacity of 140, the acts performing may not be the big names you are looking for, but you are bound to have a great time regardless thanks to the fantastic vibe.


  1. SWX

Being overly sandwiched between complete strangers can be one of the drawbacks of indoor gigs. That’s where SWX has its perks. The ex-nightclub was transformed to accommodate live music performances and DJs back in 2017, and has since been attracting vast levels of talent across a variety of genres to suit any personality. It’s dark, spacious and everything you could want with a venue supporting both live events and club nights with names such as Brian Fallon, Razorlight and Idles making recent appearances.


  1. Thekla

The notion of rocking out on a boat always has an appeal and Bristol’s own Thekla is the place to fulfill this desire. It is easily one of Bristol’s most iconic venue to both residents and outsiders, providing an intimate experience for musicians and their fans. The experience you encounter at Thekla is totally unique and bands from across the world clearly enjoy performing at the popular venue.