In the current wrestling scene,  there’s the threat of an oversaturation of “flippy wrestlers”. But in terms of El Phantasmo, he stands out as an example of how to wow audiences and engage them at the same time. His luchador display has been on form as he continues to plough through the UK Independent scene. Promotions such as Rev Pro, Defiant, and most recently with WrestleGate Pro have all brought Phantasmo in to add some flavour to their card. Fortunately, We’ve been lucky to get a quick chat with the man himself and ask him his thoughts. How does he feel about performing in the UK? Where on earth did the name El Phantasmo come from? Let’s find out.

What would you say has been your biggest highlight working on the UK Indie scene?

“Without question getting to share the ring with so many world class wrestlers on a weekly basis. Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Junior, Jody Fleisch, Jushin Thunder Liger the list goes on and on and on. Back home it would be impossible to have even had the chance to wrestle any of those guys!”


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El Phantasmo is a certainly a unique ring name, what led you to choose the name and what were some alternate names you thought of?

“To be honest I was scrolling down my iTunes playlist and El Phantasmo and the chicken run blast-o-rama by White Zombie caught my eye. I love Rob Zombie and I thought it fit my luchador persona perfectly. Spitfire was a backup name and I’m really glad that didn’t stick!”

In terms of fitness, what’s made the biggest impact in keeping you physically fit to execute the hardest spots in your move set?

“Consistency. Going to the gym, stretching, injury prevention, weights, cardio, animal flow movement. I don’t follow a strict diet or count calories, but I consistently eat healthily and fuel my body with good foods. I love a good crunchy snack but I’ve eaten pretty healthily for over a decade now and the consistency shows.”

What’s been the piece of advice given to you that you’ve valued as a pro wrestler?

“Everyone has advice, whether it’s good or bad there’s always something to take away what anyone

What is your ultimate goal to accomplish in 2019?

“Stay healthy, have great matches, win championships, make money and have fun along the way!”

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