Announcement from promoters:

It is with heavy hearts that we must postpone April’s event. This is due to our much needed funding not being made available till Late March, which only gives us a matter of weeks to organise the finishing touches, which simply isn’t enough time.

Pile Up Festival has always needed a little help to get running but on 2 separate occasions now we have been failed, and as a result we have failed you.

With over 500 local bands asking to play the event, and applications still flooding in it shows how vital and needed an event like Pile Up is needed, unfortunately we just could not secure funding in time.

With this news also comes the announcement that director Adam Ruane is also to step down from his role here at Pile Up Festival. We will aim to move forward with a new management team and are hopeful of bringing stripped back, smaller events to you in the future.

Refunds for purchased tickets will be available from your retailer.

Our apologies again, we were all incredibly excited to show the full line-up and settle in to our new home.

There are no immidiate plans to announce a new date(s) for P.U.F, so for now at least, this is the end of the road until the new team take over and decide on a new plan.

Thank you.