This is a release that on artwork alone is more than deserving of a place within your tape collection, that is if you collect tapes of course. There is something about the dinosaur and cake combo that is totally joyous and the pink tape is a beauty!

Both singles within the tape are equally joyous:

Sugar Rush – Tube for a Quid

This is one of those singles that despite clocking in just over eighty seconds says a lot and without the furious pace of ‘Fell in Love With a Girl’ or other similarly short efforts.

The single tells an honest story about the dreaded aging process and regrets, ultimately there is a sense of positivity and acceptance hidden within. These lyrics are honest and blunt but this fits with the effortless vocal delivery. This delivery also creates a further emphasis on the open emotions on display and with the natural accent there is a sense of talking things through.

Musically there is a clever combination of sparseness and gentle build-up which sees instruments added at the end of each lyrical section. This creates a clever crescendo which gently leads to a sharp ending, once more cementing the conversational style of the single. It is almost as if Sugar Rush just needed to get these points off their chests.

This is the kind of single that is made to be played repeatedly back to back.

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Sugar Rex by Sugar Rush! / ME REX

In a stark contrast to Sugar Rush’s A side Me Rex clock a single in at over five minutes, this contrast somehow creates an effortless flow between the two tracks. Strangely despite being almost five times longer this is a single which flows into a breathless ending. The opening guitar part is full of pure happiness and nods towards the sweetest power pop.

Once more this is a very honest release and the vocal delivery has a delicate combination between conversation and sweet emotion. Lyrically there are relatable themes covering  acceptance, regret and the challenges of daily life, but on closer inspection there are some very clever moments of word play which are tinged with dark humour. This single again flows naturally much like a conversation.

With hooks and a chorus that flow beautifully this is a single that is made to be a live favourite the harmonies and building gang vocals just seem made to be sung back at a stage. There is an easy comparison to Slaughter Beach Dogs’ warming country emo, but there is something that takes this further. With each listen there are new moments to discover, whether it’s the shredding guitar solo near the end or the glitch piano lines that hide in the background this may be a five minute song but there is no chance of getting bored.

Individually these two singles are pretty special but together there is a strange correlation between individuality and similarity that just works so well.