Hobo Johnson and the love makers plus Oliver Tree @ KOKO, London (Live Review)

It’s difficult to tell how serious Oliver Tree is, wearing a ski mask and bright, over the top 80s clothing. He enters the stage on a scooter, the fact it’s too small for him makes it even more hilarious. Besides from the outrageous outfits and general behaviour, if you shut your eyes to forget how cringey the live show is, the music is actually pretty good.

Hobo Johnson is a poetic genius if different depressing spoken word is what you’re looking for. He bounds onto the stage full of energy for the first song Romeo and Juliet.

Later in the set things get a bit quirky with a song about wanting a dog but it’s catchy. Hobo then strips things back and performs a poem partway through the set which is unusual. A surprising cover of Since You’ve been gone is performed with the crowd going manic. The night concludes with Peach Scone, clearly a fan favourite with everyone screaming the lyrics ‘Maybe it’s the thought of not being so alone’ back at the band. It is a chill-inducing end to a brilliant set.