Today, acclaimed singer songwriter Charlene Soraia shares ‘Tribe’, a film short that explores the lives of a several South London teenagers on their journey to find their “tribe” and sense of belonging.

Directed by award winning filmmaking duo The Rest (slowthai, Kojey Radical, AZEKEL) and inspired by Soraia’s forthcoming album ‘Where’s My Tribe’ which is due for release January 25th.

The Rest are renowned for their naturalistic takes on British youth culture. The 12-minute short ‘Tribe’ responds to Charlene’s ‘Where’s My Tribe’ album, with a delicately nuanced portrayal of a group of friends gathering for a weekend of gaming, drink and shrooms. Individual stories, subtly suggested in the short, are carried through to music to videos ‘Where’s My Tribe’, ‘Tragic Youth’ and ‘Now You Are With Her’.

A pervasive sense of isolation is nailed by one friend’s amused call-out to his mates in the room, variously engaged in virtual football or same room texting, their faces lit by the glow of their smartphones; “So, who wants a chat? …what’s happening in the living room??” ‘Tribe’ is a refreshingly understated portrayal of late teenage life, caught between adolescence and adulthood, hesitating between staying put and cutting loose.

The Rest directors Alex and Lewis said about the making of the film “The video was shot in Northamptonshire, and I guess the most significant thing about that is because that’s where we are from and we’re were drawing from our experience growing up. We shoot quite a lot of the things we do here in a Shane Meadows way. More importantly, when I heard the music it reminded me of the beauty and melancholy of growing up and becoming an adult. There is a lot bubbling up under the surface for these characters but they rarely open to each other even though they get together. It’s this thing we do up and down the country where nobody really addresses their issues but instead bee-lines for the weekend every week to get drunk and high to escape. There’s numbness going on. We’re more ready to be vulnerable on twitter & Instagram than with each other sometimes.”

‘Tribe’ follows Charlene Soraia’s album single’s ‘Where’s My Tribe’ ‘Tragic Youth” “Now You Are With Her”, their accompanying music videos were cut from this 12 minute film short.

Charlene Soraia’s ‘Where’s My Tribe’ album is due January 25th, 2019 on Peacefrog Records. All songs were recorded by Charlene in her flat with no edits, no autotune, and in one take, revealing the raw, pure beauty of the music.


By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.