It would come to no surprise to any BMTH fan that this album was going to be different… it is. Very different.

Oli, Jordan and the rest of the lads that make up the rock phenomenon Bring Me The Horizon have really pushed the boat out on their brand new album amo.

amo takes us into deep into what’s been going on the the musical minds of the band and the final product, is groundbreaking.

Though many long-term fans of the band, are abruptly turning their noses up to what the new generation of Bring Me The Horizon really is, the band can not be faulted on their creativity with this release. Previous full-length That’s The Spirit was a solid album while still keeping some older school elements with tracks like ‘Happy Song’, they strayed away from rock and metal completely on tracks like ‘Follow You’ and ‘Oh No’ and that’s what you can expect from amo… maybe with a bit more pop. This drastic change can come as a massive disappointment to many fans but for me, it’s the best decision they could have made.

With Oli’s screaming abilities struggling since Sempiternal, they simply had to step away from that scene, and they did a fantastic job of it!

On their recent live tour, they opened with a very impressive track which I loved, and am so thankful that that turns out to be the opening track on the album too!  One of the tracks that stand out for me the most ‘Mother Tongue’. Along with ‘Medicine’, the track really shows how Oli’s singing voice has evolved since That’s The Spirit with the great sing-along chorus’ (especially ‘Mother Tongue’).

Tracks like ‘Nihilist Blues’, which gives me some Twenty One Pilots – Lane Boy vibes; and ‘Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down’, with a crippling dub step chorus and rap verse show how much BMTH have switched their style up since their last release, and presents what the lad’s can offer. Syke’s hit’s back at fans who doubt their new evolution with lyrics: ‘you don’t love me anymore, because some kid on the gram said he used to be a fan but this shit ain’t heavy metal’ before breaking down into a crazy scream on ‘Heavy Metal’, which may be a good choice of track for fans of their older sound.

The range of featured artist on the album is crazy with features from a beat-boxer (Rahzel), a death metal front man (Dani Filth) and a synth-pop/hip hop artist (Grimes).

The album closes with an open and emotional one, ‘I Don’t Know What To Say’ written for Oli’s late childhood friend who passed from cancer, and the guilt he felt for not seeing him beforehand.

The track’s that stand out for me on this album are ‘Mother Tongue’, ‘Sugar, Honey, Ice & Tea’ and ‘I Don’t Know What To Say’. The range of sounds and styles on amo makes this one of my favourite Bring Me The Horizon album, despite some backlash from other fans.

amo is released Friday January 25th 2018 on Sony Music.