While most directors were drawn immediately to the rosebud of Picasso’s life, director Phil Grabsky (I, Claude Monet) has found that attention must be paid to the roots. A time where Picasso began under his father’s influence and soon broke free in Paris where he’d produced a piece that’s considered an artistic revolution.

Young Picasso, is produced similarly to most traditional documentaries, containing talking heads, a faceless narration and photographs and paintings to give reference to the viewer while they are led through the younger years of Picasso’s life.

The pieces greatest flaw can also be considered a strength – that being the sheer detail involved from start to finish – resulting in a documentary that sits far from the label of easy-watching. This can also reveal whether the viewers are simply fond of Picasso or true admirers.

Grabsky provides a guided tour through Picasso’s time under his father’s teachings, his growth in Paris, the blue and pink period, and the creation of his groundbreaking piece: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon when Picasso had truly found his artistic identity. Those featured are critics, curators and lecturers, but most of all, they’re no stranger to Picasso’s work and life. The passion with which they speak of the important times and influences in his life are bound to pique the viewers’ interest, even if it isn’t present to begin with.

Young Picasso (2019) gives an education into the younger years of Picasso, shedding light on how he came to be one of the most widely recognised artists of all time. Whether this piece will be a yawning lecture or a pleasurable tour depends solely on the viewer’s interest in the work, the boy and eventually the man: Pablo Picasso.

Dir: Phil Grabsky

Prd: Tim Dawson & Phil Grabsky

DOP: Jordi Azategui, David Bickerstaff etc

Music: Stephen Baysted & Susan Legg

This piece will be released in the UK on the 15th of February 2019.

By Adil F Hussain

Freelance Writer and UCA graduate. Interested in all things creative and fresh.