The title itself to this clever piece provides the viewer with a reason to prepare themselves for what they’re about to see. Sure it won’t curdle your insides like Human Centipede (2009) and it won’t shock you like the big twist at the end of Se7en (1995). But what it will do is have your confidence in what’s about to happen next stripped away from you – leaving you in a vulnerable place.

The story bounces from both the student Vendela (Miriam Benthe) and her teacher Lukas (Shanti Roney) while she inches towards fame as a YouTuber and he towards shame as he attempts to save her from what he’s been fooled to believe as a cry for help. This is a refreshing take on the well-told tale of the boy that cried wolf, only it’s much more like, the girl that cried wolf filmed it and the village was fooled every time.

This all begins with Vendela showing her class the film she’d chosen to produce for her school assignment and for the benefit of her YouTube channel. What it contained was disturbing and touched on the topic of self-harm and suicide. Lukas, having been plagued by such thoughts in the past, attempts to do the right thing and help her, though all this does is binds him in a humiliating web.

Director Jonatan Etzler (Åka utför) has once again chosen the setting of a school and plays with the viewer’s wit and at times, good intentions. Written by Amanda Högberg & Axel Nygren, it’s a short film that has a powerful balance of comfort and discomfort resulting in the viewer realising that they’ll always remain as the passenger.

Though the strength in the punch this piece gives its viewers are undoubtedly in the actor’s performances. The chemistry between both the student Miriam Benthe and the teacher Shanti Roney is enough to lure the viewer into sympathising with Vendela, though later it’s enough as well to encourage anger towards her as well from the perspective Lukas. This constant back and forth manages to provoke conflict in the viewer and poses several questions on fame and what young individuals are willing to do to attain it.

A piece that holds it’s viewer hostage, Get Ready With Me is worth all the attention it’s been receiving on the festival circuit and confidently provides proof that Etzler has the ability to produce not only intelligent but emotionally jarring entertainment too.

Dir: Jonatan Etzler

Prd: Johan Lundström

Scr: Amanda Högberg & Axel Nygren

DOP: Nea Asphäll

Music: Andreas Ahlm

Country: Sweden

Runtime: 30 min