Wolf culture transfer well from record to the live stage. However, they are rather bizarre coming onto the little red riding story said in an eerie voice. They play incredibly well especially for an upcoming band, they definitely have what it takes to make it big.

For a stage show made up of just two musicians, Jamie Leman packs a lot of power and one hell of a punch.

Their sound is heavy and genre defying. Jamie Lenman is eccentric and different which comes across in the music style. Part way through their set they play Another One Bites The Dust by Queen which sounds very interesting with just two musicians.

Tonight alive are electrifying and colourful. For tonight Jenna has left behind the fierce looking black eye makeup and clothing as she comes onto stage looking much more casual. Her vocals are intoxicating, the crowd singing back every word to her. Jenna’s presence is explosive and her vocals even better. It’s impressive that a band can sound this amazing live, it is even better than the recordings. This tour is the bands 10th anniversary and with it they are playing a wonderful variety of songs new and old.

The music video for track For You is being filmed tonight at O2 Academy Islington the room being beautifully lit up with flashes and lighters as the crowd belt out the lyrics “for you, I would run like the sun chases the moon, ‘Cause everything I do is all for you” For you is taken off the band’s brilliant new album Underworld released earlier this year.

Towards the end of the set Jenna addresses the crowd like she’s done many times tonight, getting them to repeat after her “unwounded, unconditioned, unafraid, I am” in a very powerful moment. The night concludes with the chaos of Temple as Jenna bounds around the stage.