Greeted by blinding blue lighting Sunset Sons made their way onto Alexandra Palace’s stage. Their songs were indie rock greatness. They are so catchy they got the crowd going instantly. Every song of theirs sounds different, but always epic in its delivery. Although potentially still a bit under the radar, Sunset Sons won’t be for long! With a new EP called The River out next year it is being eagerly awaited and sure to bring great things for this brilliant band.

This time last year Nothing But Thieves were playing the round house. Who on earth could have predicted that not only would they be headlining Alexandra Palace but they would sell it out! With a capacity of over ten thousand people the room was rammed front to back fans barely finding space to move.

Every time I see Nothing But Thieves they get better, whether it’s improving their stage presence to an astounding level or having a new impressive production set up. This time was no different. Tonight Nothing But Thieves were phenomenal.

Nothing But Thieves know how to make an entrance. At the beginning of their set the band came onto stage behind a massive sheet, their silhouettes being cast in front of a manic crowd. The sheet dropped and the band erupted into playing I Was Just A Kid before going into the slightly tamer Ban All The Music and Wake Up Call.

Connor then took a moment, taking in the massive crowd before stopping to say ‘I’m going to lose my cool for a second, this is fucking unbelievable!’ He shouted. ‘We come from the Southend area, we used to come to this venue all the time so to be able to sell it out is just fucking magnificent! So thank you so much.’

This is the first tour that the new EP is being played on and damn it sounds good live! First up is Take This Lonely Heart before playing You Know Me Too Well and Forever And Ever More later in the set.

Things finally calm down a bit for Soda which is heart wrenching live and definitely a personal favourite of mine, live especially. The background changes to the girl from the album artwork for Broken Machine as they play I’m Not Made By Design and the title track Broken Machine.

This tour sees the debut of Particles being played acoustically and it was beautiful. Connor said before the song that it was written at a turbulent time of the band and that really comes across in the performance. His vocals were raw and emotional the crowd clinging onto every word he sang. They then went into a crowd favourite, If I Get High. It was as hauntingly beautiful as ever, ten thousand people sing back the lyrics ‘If I get high enough will I see you again?’. This song showcased just how phenomenal Connor’s vocals can be, it was truly magical.

The night concluded with an encore of Afterlife, Itch and Amsterdam the crowd going absolutely mental for the last song. This was undoubtedly the best Nothing But Thieves show I have been to and one of the best concerts of the year.