Next week see’s the return of Fireball’s Fueling the Fire Tour, this year the tour has added a battle of the bands for each show and we caught up with Bristol champs The Run Up to talk melodic punk, safety in the scene and Face To Face.

Hi The Run Up, How are you doing?

Good thank you! Just preparing for tour with Junior Battles which starts in a few days!

It’s been a big year for you with seemingly endless tours and a new EP, do you have any 2018 highlights?

Whilst we have a had a few lows this year (mainly on the road – van breakdowns etc), we’ve had a really good year in general. Too many amazing shows and friends we’ve made to name them all individually. The release and reception to the EP has been amazing and working with Real Ghost Records & Uncle M has been a pleasure. That said, I think our first show in Germany with Spanish Love Songs was pretty damn tight!

What does 2019 have in store for you?

We’ve just started writing a new record which we hope to have out. We’ve been pretty non-stop so trying to find time to step back and write has been hard. But after this tour, we are going to write, write, write. We also have a bunch of tours and festivals lined up which we are stoked to shout about. Especially the Booze Cruise festivals (UK, Belgium & Germany)!

How would you describe your band?

Tough one. A bunch of friends making some shouty rock? We often get called melodic punk rock and compared to bands such as Iron Chic and Bouncing Souls but we’ll take whatever.

What inspires your song writing?

Normally beer and friends. Musically, whatever works. Collectively we have a pretty strong range of influences from mid 90’s emo to hardcore so we bring all that together.

Does the current uncertain political climate make it harder to be in a band?

Well we can all agree that its pretty fucked, regardless of being a band. Things like European tours might turn out to be near impossible so we’ll stand up for what we believe and cram in all the tours now.

Is it at least useful in songwriting?

We tend not to write about political issues. That’s not to say we won’t, but it’s just not something Larry steers towards when writing lyrics.

You’re playing the Bristol Fireball tour date, who are you excited to share a stage with?

Face to Face! We’ve all been huge fans since we were kids, so we’re stoked to play with them.

As representatives of Bristol are there any venues and bands you would recommend?

The Exchange has it all. The people, the record shop, the community, the ethics. It’s the best. Band-wise, Dogeyed are amazing.

There are probably going to be people that discover melodic punk from seeing you play this show, are there any releases you would recommend continuing the discovery with?

SO MANY! bands we recommend checking out:

Bong Mountain
Bike Tuff
Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves
The Pensike File
Kid You Not

In a scene under such scrutiny how hard is it to keep spaces safe from the stage?

We have to look after each other. Respect each other and remove any assholes, as these people aren’t welcome in our scene. We are always vigilant of our surroundings when playing or at shows. Luckily, we’ve not had any problems so far (that we know of). We would urge anyone to tell us if something is up at one of our shows and we would do everything in our power to make everyone comfortable and safe.

Where can people hear more or maybe pick up some records?

All our releases are on the usual digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon etc) but you can grab physical copies from us at shows or:

You can catch The Run Up on Fireball’s Fueling the Fire Tour on Friday 7th December at Bristol – O2 Academy. They will share the stage with Flogging Molly, The Bronx, Face To Face, Lost In Stereo and DJ Matt Stocks.

Tickets from Ticketmaster.