First onto Alexandra Palace’s stage is Sh>pes. Full of energy as Shaddix bounces around the stage they don’t stop for a moment during the entire set, all whilst sounding great. Their music is pioneering and they are clearly going to make a name for themselves with such a strong live show.


Next up is Nothing More, as they enter to Jonny Hawkins playing war drums on a steampunk style drum kit. Personally Go To War was a particular favourite, sounding even better live than it did recorded, the power of the record really shining through. Nothing More are strange but in a good way, mixing dramatic screams and contemporary vocal techniques with heavy music works seamlessly and is refreshingly new. The band really knows how to make themselves remembered. They conclude their set with Hawkins standing on his steampunk drum kit which had a synthesiser spring out of the top of it as they play their final song. They are a tough act to follow.


Of Mice And Men riot onto Alexandra Palaces stage with the aim of bringing discord with them. They sound brilliant, blistering and heavy. Unfortunately, although the new album sounds really good, there was an extreme lack of earlier songs on the setlist which was a bit of a shame.


Finally the band everyone had been waiting for. Bullet For My Valentine began their set by playing behind a curtain which dropped down part way through the first verse of Leap Of Faith exposing the band and a ridiculously massive lighting rig. The band brought everything you could want from them, they were powerful and full of unrelenting energy. Their set was full of insuppressible guitar solos and an impressive drum solo that maybe went on for a little too long. Ending with an excellent encore of Don’t Need You and Tears Don’t Fall, Bullet For My Valentine brought out the crowds inner Emo for the last epic song.