Ecca Vandal were electrifying. Full of energy Ecca Vandal rioted onto the stage and captivated the crowd in front of her with high pitched screamo vocals. Her stage presence was impressive, especially for a support act, but she is clearly proved to the crowd that she was worth listening to. This upcoming artist will clearly be finding their feet sooner than expected with a live show as good as that. They were full of bite and delivered on all fronts.

Next up came southern California’s Joyce Manor. It doesn’t take long to realise they make a perfect support act for Basement with many cross over fans meaning an instant reaction from the crowd. If old school style pop punk is what you’re looking for, look no further than Joyce Manor. Live they brought everything you could want to crowd surf to. Their songs were short but sweet, bubbly and bright.


Basement performed full of passion and turbulent emotion like any good pop-punk set should be. Coming onto disconnect with dramatic strobe lighting they were great from the outset. Basement finished with an encore of a particularly good acoustic version of Changing Lanes as well as stigmata and promise everything for a brilliant end to an epic set.