The godfather of B-list film-making Julian Richards (Summer Scars, 2007) has yet again provided a piece that gives its viewers no reward apart from the unintended laughter at its cringe-worthy performances. It is true that Julian’s pieces are intended for the passive sort of audience. The biggest let down here is that even considering it’s entertaining qualities, this film is about as good as stale beer.

As the title states, this piece is about the rebirth of Lena’s daughter Tess (Kayleigh Gilbert) who was originally stillborn but has returned to life after having been struck with electricity. She soon grows up and takes the life of her guardian and stepbrother using the telekinetic powers she had since her rebirth. She is then on the path to find her mother.

A better way of explaining this is by simply calling it one long tantrum – a tantrum with telekinetic powers perhaps? Which leads to an ending anyone with the lights on could predict. As the piece progresses it seems that the cement was drying fast, grounding this piece into the undesirable category of B-List film-making.

One scene in support of that is the bout between Tess and the actress Gia (Alexa Maris) in a car park. Tess confronts the actress after having heard her slander her mother and the actress hits her with a spiked knuckle duster (yeah I know)! Tess raises herself up from the ground and holds herself like some sort of gothic X-men, electrocuting Gia by bringing part of a power line above them down onto her…and the cringe-worthy imitation of electrocution ensues.

Marry the poor performances with the Disney CGI, the dull-headed law enforcement, the writing that seems to have been doomed from the start and you’ve got a piece worth missing. Reborn (2018) is a parody, not to be taken seriously and would do far better as a screensaver than a film to be screened in a film theater.

Dir: Julian Richards

Prd: John Penney

Scr: Michael Mahin

Starring: Barbara Crampton, Kayleigh Gilbert, Alexa Maris, Michael Paré etc

DOP: Brian Sowell

Music: Simon Lambros

Year: 2018

Country: USA

Running time: 1h 20 min

Reborn is available in selected cinemas around the UK.

By Adil F Hussain

Freelance Writer and UCA graduate. Interested in all things creative and fresh.