The world is on the brink of collapse and only you can venture back in time to save it. Into The Breach is a turn-based strategy game that gives you control of the battle mechs that you must use to eliminate the hordes that are trying to wipe out the world’s population. Being released on Steam earlier this year, this title gained much praise for its gameplay but now this title’s audience has extended to the 20 million on Nintendo Switch. If you’re a fan of strategy I will now discuss why you should purchase this title and for those who aren’t sure, feel free to keep reading.

Into The Breach takes gamers into the end times The world is being overrun by aliens known as the Vex and will be overtaken. In fact, you know this will happened as you are from the future. After losing to the Vex you travel back in time to start your quest all over again. This is not just how the story begins but how the story continues. As you progress through the game if you are defeated by the Vex you can send one of your pilots back in time to start your crusade all over again. This scenario is on repeat until you find a way to take down the vex and save the world.  To claim victory you must protect two of the four continents from invasion and then defeat final area and save humanity.

Into The Breach allows for constant replays resetting the timeline and having another breach. While this might sound repetitive it becomes less so with the addition of your mechs. For each play-through, you take three mechs back in time. Each of these mechs has different skills and effects that will change the course of battle. At first, your mechs are rather straightforward, a close combat mech, a long ranged slingshot, and a mid-range shooter. As you continue your play-throughs you will unlock gold that can be used to gain new mechs. This dramatically changes your game as you gain brand-new abilities and powers that will take you a few runs to properly learn.

While there are many aspects you can control even before engaging the enemy, the main focus of the game is the turn-based maps. The maps are set out into an 8 by 8 grid. Upon these squares, there will be a number of squares already taken. Such as buildings and places of interest that you must protect as you fight your enemy. When the battle begins you must place yourself on the map and must then act according to after seeing the placements of your enemies.

Each map will grant different objectives and a set number of turns you must survive for. This must all be taken into account as you begin moving your pieces across the board. Each turn you will see the actions of the vex and must react in turn to protect not only yourself but the cities of humanity.  All of this while also trying not to cause trouble yourself, as your own attacks can obviously hurt the vex but can also lead to damage of cities.

After a battle, if you complete objectives you will claim resources such as energy or power. Energy is the life meter for humanity. As buildings are destroyed this meter will decrease. If it hits zero the timeline is lost and you must restart. Luckily as stated you can regain energy so losing a bar isn’t always the end of the world. Power will grant your mechs new skills and upgrades that will strengthen them for the battles to come.

Into The Breach will have you engaging with the alien invaders again and again. Facing the Vex, learning your mechs, playing on a higher difficulty all makes for a challenging and ever-entertaining experience. One that will change by the smallest action, by finding your favourite mech combinations or simply using the same team again and again. Into The Breach is a marvel of strategy based combat, one that appears simple but provides a challenge for even the most skilled players. If you are looking for a new obsession I would highly recommend Into The Breach.