In a simplistic and refreshing documentary, we’re sat in the back seat as the popular newcomer Chris Moon drives us around his world. Such a world consists of classic cars, large paintings, buzzing exhibitions, and the sunset. It’s a confident piece due to its lack of words and ultimate trust in what’s being captured. An Artist’s Eyes (2018) can be appreciated by those with or without their foot in the art world.

As previous works such as Amy (2015) and Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015) have proven its very easy for a director to get high on their own supply and simply drown themselves in the subject. In this case, Jack Bond (The Blue Black Hussar, 2013) refuses such a trend and keeps the charismatic Moon limited to few but enough words to maintain the viewers’ interest. What can be said is that this piece is in no way reminiscent of the laughably pretentious piece I Needed Colour (2017) focusing on Jim Carrey’s newly found passion for painting.

The camera moves like an ever-present body; always close to Moon or his work, creating the feeling that everything that’s recorded is happening beyond the camera’s presence rather than for it. Such shots like the opening, showing Moon both start and finish a painting in his studio lingers in the viewers’ mind and allows them to engage with the piece unsupervised.

Though this isn’t a piece showing Moon before the exhibitions, it does dive into his life during all the buzz created by not only the heavy heads in the art world but such celebrities like Michael Fassbender, Ed Sheeran, and Sir Paul McCartney. This piece could be set to answer the question of what all the fuss is about, or, it could simply be a piece that reminds us of why we create and what it does to us, through the skin of the talented Chris Moon.

An Artist’s Eyes (2018) is a strong piece for its confidence, sparse yet fresh approach and of course its subject Chris Moon and his striking work, which is on the road to give the dusty art world exactly what it needs – a kick up the arse!

Dir: Jack Bond

Prd: Jack Bond and Mary Rose Storey

Starring: Chris Moon

DOP: Peter Sinclair & Mary-Rose Storey

Music: Gabriel Bruce

Year: 2018

Country: UK

Runtime: 1h 17m

By Adil F Hussain

Freelance Writer and UCA graduate. Interested in all things creative and fresh.