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This week:
– Krasinski returns to A Quiet Place
– DC continues to fail hard
– DerpFakes casts Harrison Ford in Solo

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John Krasinski scripting A Quiet Place 2

Earlier this year, A Quiet Place debuted to near universal praise. The film, directed by John Krasinski and written alongside Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, starred Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt as Lee and Evelyn Abbott, parents of a family of survivors in a world where strange creatures with immaculate hearing have wiped out anything that makes noise. As a result, the Abbott family must live in total silence, communicating in sign language and scavenging from deserted towns.

Naturally, having done so well, the prospect of a sequel was floated by Paramount Pictures, with writers Woods and Beck having been mulling over ideas. However, this week, Krasinski revealed that he has had an idea in the back of his mind for a while now, and as a result, will be taking over writing duties, which he told The Hollywood Reporter:

“Then I had this small idea for a sequel, but I didn’t think it would go anywhere. So, I said to the studio, ‘Just go do the movie with somebody else. They heard some pitches, and I told [producer] Drew [Form] about this little idea, and he told me to think about it a little longer. And then I thought, ‘This might really work.’ So, I’m currently writing the sequel.”

The A Quiet Place sequel hits cinemas on May 15th 2020.


DC‘s incompetent side rears its head yet again

If you’re a DC fan, understand that I’m not just bashing these films for the sake of bashing them. I can tolerate Batman v Superman and actually quite like Man of SteelWonder Woman and Justice LeagueSuicide Squad‘s amazingly bad, but four out of five watchable films is alright. However, the problem with DC isn’t necessarily the quality of films they’re putting out; currently, they’re probably putting out as many decent films as Marvel was back in 2011 (when they were also five films in). And in the next year, we’ve got AquamanShazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 coming out, all of which will probably be, on some level, fun.

However, the reason people rag on DC and Warner Bros. so much is because behind-the-scenes, they rarely seem to be making competent decisions. They make some, no doubt, but those pale in comparison to the numerous bad choices they have made when constructing their cinematic universe.

This weeks problems came in the form of an article from Variety that revealed the production of the upcoming Flash movie has been moved back yet again. You’d think at this stage they would wait to have a proper script, writer, director, etc. in place before scheduling another date that they probably won’t meet, but the fact they’re taking the time to get this right shows some promise.

Unfortunately, the very same article revealed near the end that Warner Bros. has given up hope on making films with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as Batman and Superman, respectively. It’s something we’ve all heard before, but the fact that they’re not even going to try and get a good movie out of these two actors is unfortunate and embarrassing. The article states that they are looking to recast Batman, but having a good actor doesn’t mean all that much if you don’t know what you’re doing with the characters, as the majority of films in DC’s cinematic universe has shown.

DC’s next movie, Aquaman, swims into cinemas on December 14th 2018.


Hey Ford Fans, here’s what Solo would look like with Harrison in the lead

Billy Dee Williams & Harrison Ford / The Empire Strikes Back / Picture courtesy of Lucasfilm

With two film festivals having dominated the film industry’s time this week (London and Rome), the amount of ‘biggest and best’ news has been rather lacking. So here’s a video of what Solo: A Star Wars Story would look like if a young Harrison Ford had starred in it:

Pretty impressive, considering that’s just some guy off YouTube. As many other sites have pointed out, having this sort of technology out there offers up a lot of possibilities for the future of filmmaking. As Rogue One showed, bringing actors back from the dead to star in films isn’t out of the realms of possibility, and the fact that that technology is being used effectively by non-industry professionals suggests that soon enough these performances will be flawless. There are some moral questions surrounding the issue, but that’s something for another writer to tackle. I got things to do.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download now.