Asking Alexandria are one of the most streamed, downloaded, watched, and altogether listened to bands in a generation and they have released a brand new video for the beautifully stripped down, acoustic version of the second single to be taken from the band’s eponymous fifth studio album.
The dreamlike video, which was filmed at St. Boniface’s Catholic Church in Kentucky, is absolutely stunning. Danny Worsnop is undeniably in great shape in this video and it’s amazing for any Asking fan to see how far he’s come and this song really says it all. Flanked by guitarists Ben Bruce and Cameron Lidell, Danny displays perfect vocal control whilst exuding the deep emotion he obviously feels when singing this deeply personal song and Ben’s backing vocals compliment Danny’s voice so perfectly, as they always have.
Speaking on the gorgeous new video and the acoustic reworking of ‘Alone In A Room’ Ben Bruce says:
“In celebration of Alone in a Room smashing into the top 10 at radio this week we decided to record a video for our acoustic rendition of AIAR! This has been such an incredible album cycle for us so far and we have barely even started! Thank you all so much for your love and support. This is for us, this is for you! We love you!”

The band are currently on tour in the US with Shinedown and Godsmack and will be joining Shinedown and Papa Roach on tour in early 2019. We hope we see them on tour over here again real soon.
Watch the stunning video below.