Since the show began in 2010 we have had to say goodbye to far too many of the cast of The Walking Dead.

Whilst it may come with the territory of working on a show in which zombies have taken over the planet, it doesn’t make it any easier for fans to lose out on seeing their favourite characters every Sunday night.

With the latest season returning to our screens last week, we have decided to cast our minds back across all nine seasons of the show and bring you a list of what we deem the Top 10 Major Deaths to have happened in The Walking Dead. 

10. The Governor

Like all good things, they must come to an end eventually and that is true when it came to the demise of The Governor. He was such a polarising figure throughout his tenure on the show. He was designed to be hated but you just couldn’t wait to see him on the screen. After he brutally killed Hershel, Michonne would get retribution by stabbing him before his own girlfriend shot him in the head. 

9. Gregory

Let’s be honest, he has been a pain in the backside for the longest time and whilst his death may have been anticipated, I don’t suspect many expected him to be hanged. Gregory had been given so many chances to redeem himself, yet always seemed willing to do all he can to upset the atmosphere. After threatening Maggie’s life it was the end for him, hanged brutally off of a wooden structure.

8. Shane Walsh

Rick and Shane did have a seemingly unbreakable bond but things turned bad really quick between the pair way back in season one. Shane was jealous of Rick’s relationship with Lori and after he shot Otis and left him for dead, things were going from bad to worse for him. He left the show after being stabbed by Rick, then shot in the head by Rick’s son Carl. A pretty gruesome way to go.

7. Sasha

After being captured by Negan it was perhaps not such a surprise that Sasha would not last forever, but the way that she took her own death was definitely a big moment in the show. Having been given a pill by Eugene in the prior episode, Sasha was determined to take out as many of Negan’s men as she could. A courageous end to her life in the show and a great twist in season seven.

6. Sophia Peletier

Carol’s daughter had gone missing and was the subject of a hunt for a lot of season two. When she was eventually found it was as a walker in a barn. It was crippling and you really felt for all the characters involved. It was probably one of the first realisations that nobody was safe in this show.

5. Abraham

Abraham went out much like Glenn did (we’ll get to him), on his knees at the mercy of Negan’s faithful Lucille. After a tough start in the show, Abraham had definitely grown into a fan favourite and so it was a huge shock to see him killed off at the start of season seven. In true Abraham style, he went out on his sword, telling Negan to “Suck my nuts” before meeting his fate. 

4. Carl Grimes

As one of the main characters in the show, it was a shock to see him leave. After surviving so much, including the Governor, Negan and so much more his eventual death began at the hands of a normal walker bite which may have been a bit of a let down. He would eventually take his own life offscreen in a church but for such a huge part of the show, I must admit I was probably expecting a bit more of a Hollywood exit for Carl.

3. Hershel Green

The death of Hershel at the hands of The Governor was a huge moment in the show’s history. Hershel had been at Rick’s side since they moved into the prison and was really a great soundboard for Rick’s ideas. But that meant nothing to The Governor who, in front of all of Hershel’s friends and family, made short work in decapitating the beloved character.

2. Lori Grimes

This one was definitely a tough watch, with Rick’s pregnant wife Lori passing away after giving birth to their daughter, Judith. What made this whole segment even more difficult to watch was that it was then down to her son Carl to shoot his dead mother in the head to stop her from turning in to a walker. 

1. Glenn

Whilst it may not have been the best-kept secret in the world, the violent and brutal death of Glenn at the hands of Lucille (Negan’s baseball bat) will stick with me forever. There had been a few occasions in earlier seasons which saw Glenn luckily escape a violent end but given his popularity, it always seemed as though he would be one of those characters who would just be around forever. The sheer brutality of the murder ranks this numero uno on my list!