With Ultima Lucha Cuatro looming the build to the must-see event continued this week with a night full of returns, debuts, and more standout matches of the season. Wednesday night invited Believers to witness plenty of intense and entertaining action with shocking reveals and storyline development that has created even more hype around the epic fourth anniversary of Ultima Lucha.

The Return We Had All been Waiting for

Several weeks back Lucha Underground fans witnessed Johnny Mundo and Taya tie the note in the middle of the ring in a Lucha Style wedding for the ages, however, in true typical wrestling fashion, the big day didn’t quite go to plan after Matanza Cueto interrupted and caused pure havoc. Weeks later and the bride that was, of course, Taya took it upon herself to call out the monster himself demanding a match against the man who had destroyed the most important day of her life but also had taken out her husband and friends. After making her feelings very much clear Taya was instead thrown into a Sacrifice to the Gods match that saw her surprisingly take early control of straight away. No one has yet been able to walk out on top of a sacrifice to the god’s match, but Taya sure did give Matanza a run for his money. Refusing to back down and staying on top of her opponent she had the believers up on their feet and full of hope that she could pull off the unthinkable. The closing moments saw Matanza turn things around slowly look to be closing in on a victory however a blindside attack from Johnny Mundo concluded the match ensured this heated rivalry entered a new stage.

When Friends Become Foes

Up next saw an interesting tag team contest take place as El Dragon Azteca JR and the Mack took on the team of Mil Muertes and Fenix. Considering the history between Fenix and Mil this was an unexpected alliance that made for interesting viewing. The pair has gone face to face several times before competing in some of the best matches in the history of Lucha Underground. This tag team match saw four men all of which have a history with one another and both sides in need of momentum compete in an exciting action-packed contest. Mil and the Mack have butted heads throughout season four while the last month or so has focused a great deal on the breakdown of the friendship between Fenix and Azteca. During this match the disliking shared between Fenix and Muertes was evident yet the two worked very well together but with the momentum switching back and forth it was a difficult job for either team to score the win. The closing moments did see the enemies that are Fenix and Mil Muertes come together to pick up a devastating and intense victory after a highlight match of the season.

 The Reveal

From the first episode of the season, four of Lucha Underground fans have witnessed a new side to Ricky Mundo has become obsessed and possessed by a creepy doll instructing and encouraging him to cause havoc and destruction. On this weeks episode, Ricky defeated Famous B and took to the mic moments later to reveal he was the one responsible for unleashing Matanza on Mundo and Tay’s wedding. Directing his promo straight to Taya he revealed that he had a belief that Johnny Mundo would never be able to fully respect him with her by his side and sent out a challenge to the former bride for Ultima Lucha, but threatening and challenging Taya was not enough and looking to prove a point Ricky attacked Beautiful Brenda in an intense and shocking twist. Now, I do believe there were better ways this story could have been done including keeping the reveal a secret from fans at home, however, the entire segment was very well done this week, and this was an excellent and effective way of pushing the up and coming Ultima Lucha match and the character of Ricky Mundo.

A debut to Remember

Epic matches, shocking reveals, returns there was only one thing left to conclude this weeks Lucha Underground, a debut. After making her arrival in the temple a matter of weeks ago Reklusa (otherwise known as Chelsea Green) made her Lucha Underground in-ring debut this past Wednesday facing off against former champion, Pentagon Dark following her actions that cost him the Lucha Underground championship. It must be said that Chelsea Green is an excellent all-around performer capable of modifying her character to whatever promotion she is apart of. This match in particular will for sure stand out in her career as the Black Widow took the former champion to great heights and provided a very entertaining and borderline barbaric match up that suited the Lucha Underground style perfectly. Taking several hard bumps and spots this was yet another entertaining contest and an excellent debut for Reklusa. The newcomer did fail to pick up the victory but with much-needed momentum back on the side of Pentagon, this was a fitting and interesting main even that highlighted Reklusa as a serious contender in the wrestling world.

After the match Pentagon considered breaking her arm but reconsiders and instead grabs his former Dark lords bag of thumbtacks and attempts to stab her in the forehead several times via devastating package piledriver, however, yet again, this was another case of a plan not going the way it was intended as Pentagon was interrupted by the Moth who beat down Penta with a barbed wire bat and closes the segment by teasing setting the former champ on fire ahead of their Cero Meido match.

The build to Ultima Lucha Cuatro really has been very well done. This week we saw even more storylines heat up and with reveals, a return, and a debut it was an exciting hour of the temple that left believers surprised and fully entertained. Chelsea Green as Reklusa has left many wondering whether she may be one of if not the best female to step foot in the temple while excitement surrounding Mundo’s return was a major talking point. As we continue to head towards Ultima Lucha join me here next week where we will be looking back on yet another episode of Lucha underground.

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey