Southampton metalcore starlets Our Hollow, Our Home are back with their bruising and emotional second album “In Moment // In Memory” (October 19, Hollow Music). The record takes you through a journey of grief of losing a loved one, inspired by vocalist/guitarist Tobias Young’s loss of his father. “//Denial” opens as a spoken word PSA before moulding into “In Moment”, a bruising, in your face monster of a track.

Phase two opens with “//Anger”, another interlude track, before “Love Loss” kicks in and represents anger well with guttural screams, heavy hitting breakdowns and melodic cleans. As we head into the ‘depression’ phase, the stand out track on the album in “Speak Of Sorrow” appears. A frantic musical affair before latest single “Father & Ghost” digs deep into your chest and rips your heart out in a whirlwind of emotions. Entering the final phase of acceptance, thing


down with the atmospheric opening to “Parting Gift”, a clean vocal masterpiece.

Our Hollow, Our Home


created a fantastic second record, using interludes to not only break up the


but to accurately portray the stages of grief. The combination of in your face riffs, pounding rhythm section, brutal screams and melodic cleans provides the core of the record. In true metalcore style, each chorus provides a massive hook to compliment the

headbang worthy

verses. “In Moment // In Memory” further shows why the future of British metalcore is firmly placed with Our Hollow Our Home.