While at Leaders Sport Business Summit in West London, VultureHound had the opportunity to see how A.S. Roma were persuaded to inject the Venom into their locker room and partner up with Sony to create an advert that turns the players into characters from the Tom Hardy starring film. We also got a look at how these partnerships are created and how each brand helps elevate the other.

Thomas Ciampa, Senior Vice President Distribution & New Theatrical Ventures, Warner Bros, gave us an outline on how one brand connects with another. “It starts out with an emotional connection from the product to the audience.  A child came up to me and asked if [Daniele] de Rossi, who is the Roma captain, ‘Is he in the film?’ I think that’s when we just hit the home run because the players who are superheroes for their fans then become real superheroes.” This is when they knew the concept of giving Roma players the appearance of the film’s main character would be a sure-fire hit for both brands.

However, Jeffrey Godsick, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Partnerships & Brand Management, Sony Pictures was quick to emphasise that you can’t just slap any product onto any brand. “Sometimes you see tie-ins where the vision between team and product don’t match. I think they have a negative effect, I really do. So, the first thing is finding a club, players, or even entire leagues. It starts with the vision. What is the objective? What are we trying to achieve? It can’t be just, ‘Oh the players are famous, the movie’s famous, let’s just throw things together.’ We did something interesting in the states, the Oakland Raiders (NFL team) have a fan base called the Black Hole. They’re a whole bunch of people who dress in crazy costumes at the end zone, so they’re on the camera all the time and we made a deal with the guys that are the fans in the Black Hole to wear Venom costumes one day.’

Venom is out in the theatres now.