It’s the end of an era. After playing as a band for the last six years, Dead! took to the stage for one final time. Entering to Time to say goodbye the members very amusingly sauntered onto stage as the string quartet continued playing. Kicking things off they opened with The Boys The Boys as the crowd erupted into chaos. The entirety of The Underworld’s lower floor was one giant mosh pit. Throughout the entire set, fans were crowd surfing onto the stage before diving back into the crowd.

The boys had previously announced they were going to play The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying, the band’s recent debut album in full and it was phenomenal. All the songs sounded better Iive than they did recorded even though the album is so great. It’s a shame it was the one and only time most of the songs will ever be played live. They were spectacular.  Favourites were Off White Paint and Any Port, even though it was disrupted by the band ensuring everyone was okay after a crowd surfer passed out on stage. I don’t think even Dead! could have anticipated the manic crowd they had for their final show. The band were as mad as the fans, Alex stage diving into the crowd during You’re So Cheap and Sam entering the mosh pit whilst singing the finale of Youth Screams and Fades. Just before Youth Screams And Fades Alex mentioned that the only thing he would say about the reason they split up was to listen to that song and that will help explain it.

After playing the entirety of the debut album, Dead! moved on to an on-core of old favourites. This part of the set was made up of Enemy, Alaska, Skin and You’re So Cheap. It was a brilliant send off for the band. Last night Dead! were undoubtably the best I have ever seen them over the years and they gave themselves a hell of a send off. Alex ended the night like they did at every gig ‘We have been Dead! You are The Damned And Restless Future, good night’ then left with a mic drop.