Let me introduce you to gruff London punks Mean Caesar the band features members of Great Cynics and Pure Graft so there is certainly a solid foundation before you have even heard their debut single.

‘South London Summer’ is a masterclass in mature pop-punk with nods to the past (Leatherface and Hot Water Music) and the modern-day (Bangers and Beach Slang). The guitar and bass are closely connected with every note almost intertwined, every note followed almost hand in hand (or string in string/strum to strum?) and between these hides drumming which rests somewhere between surf punk and the drive of something much more urgent.

It’s the vocal that really steals the show; full of gruff emotion and an authentic street punk tone it matches with lyrical themes of belonging beautifully. The deeper sense of sadness and anger hidden within creates a mood within the single which is relatable on so many levels. Like all great punk singles it all builds to a climax of gang vocals creating a feeling of community and overwhelming positivity.

As a first release this single sets the bar incredibly high and I can’t wait to hear what comes next from Mean Caesar.