Against The Current @ O2 Kentish Town Forum (Live Review)

The Faim, opening for Against The Current at O2 Kentish Town forum, make every song sound epic. With so much emotion, Josh Raven captivates the audience with every song. Surprisingly for a band all the way from Australia they have a massive crowd here and it is well deserved. It becomes apparent just how much the crowd love The Faim during Saints And The Sinners, fans screaming the words back. The Faim really know how to wake the crowd up, during I can feel you, everyone began ecstatically jumping up and down making the floor shake massively. Ending with Summer is a curse, it is clear most of the crowd would have been happy for them to play for much longer. It would not be surprising since their set was so good.

Against the current’s lead singer Chrissy Costanza is full of energy and character as she dances onto the stage. The pink lighting suits her and the general vibe perfectly. The room is illuminated during Gravity, the crowd waving their phone lights around at Chrissy’s request. The rest of the band don’t quite keep up with Chrissy’s phenomenal stage presence but she makes up for it by constantly dancing around the stage with insuppressible energy. One of the only times she stops is when she is given a piece of artwork by a fan which she then keeps safe at the side of the stage. The band then go on to play some older songs including Talk. Chrissy’s vocals are incredibly impressive especially considering how much she is moving around. The next song was a very personal song for her, speaking about how Come Alive is about feeling numb and wanting to get back to who you used to be. Dreaming alone’s intro is truly beautiful live, the guitar being particularly mesmerising. Against The Current close with the title track from their first album, In Our Bones and Wasteland for an epic finale to a spectacular set.