Halloween is my favourite time of the year and what better way to celebrate it than to count down on our top horror related musicians? Get well and truly into creepy season with this spooktacular playlist.

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is the God of all things spooky, from his entrancing live shows and creepy atmosphere to his haunting lyrics and sounds. But that’s not all as he is also a fully-fledged actor and director for all things gore. Having had a fascination with all things horror from a young age, it’s no surprise that is the path taken. Zombie’s directorial direction has provided the basis for his horror traits, with acclaim coming for films including 2007’s Halloween remake, The Lords Of Salem and 31. It’s not uncommon to hear quotes from horror films in Zombie’s music, particularly debut album Hellbilly Deluxe.

Marilyn Manson

Now speaking of Gods…Manson is the God of fuck, with his garish style, make-up and out there music and visuals, Marilyn Manson is included in the list purely for the fact that he causes outrage and his actions, particularly in the 1990s actually scared people… But we love him just the way he is…

Ice Nine Kills

Now the Boston quartet aren’t exactly a Halloween band, however, they do incorporate a whole load of blood and spookiness into their lives. With bloody stage outfits, a frontman who has the demon possession act down to a T (we mean, have you seen the Communion Of The Cursed video, to this day we’re still pretty adamant that he actually is possessed) and an entire album dedicated to horror movies in The Silver Scream. Add in frontman Spencer Charnas’ serial killer inspired clothing label Kleaver Klothing and we rest our case for their inclusion!



Punk outfit Misfits have been dedicating themselves to their own genre titled Horror Punk for 40 years and still show no signs of slowing down, multiple member changes hasn’t lessened the horror themed imagery, kick started in 1978 as the lyrical theme for the Misfits began revolving around horror and science fiction films.

Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13 celebrates Halloween every year with a weekend of shows in the UK, bringing his creepy punk to the masses in Halloween celebrations. The horror punk vibes, Halloween style face paint and creepy videos earn Wednesday a place in our list.


Glen Danzig features again in our list with the horror punk band Samhain that he formed following his departure from Misfits. The band, which took on more of a heavy metal vibe, originally started as a side-project but became Danzig’s full time venture. With the name taken from the Celtic New Years Day, also known as the birth of the modern Halloween, we couldn’t not include the fleeting project of Samhain. Besides, the darker lyrical themes of the occult and Paganism and the gritty horrors of reality make for spooky listening.

The Dead XIII

Manchester horror metallers The Dead XIII earn a place on the list for their creepy aesthetic, dark lyrics, monstrous riffs and haunting vocals. The Dead XIII have kept in good company, playing shows with the likes of Doyle, Aiden, FVK and plenty more.


Murderdolls is Joseph Poole’s second inclusion in this list after his main project Wednesday 13. Murderdolls is a collaboration between former Slipknot hellraiser Joey Jordison and Static-X’s Tripp Eisen, taken to another level when Poole became lead vocalist. With their imagery taken from horror movies and most of the songs from their debut album being reworked versions of Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 songs, Murderdolls created an impact in the horror punk scene in their short history.

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13

The final act in the list is Poole’s third inclusion with his predecessor band to Murderdolls in Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. Their trashy horror punk became a firm favourite with fans, coupled with the B-side horror film themed lyrics, elaborate glam rock stage style and distinct vocal style. FDQFP13 is also one of the best band names in existence. While having a turbulent time as a band, FDQFP13 became a staple in horror punk, creating the tracks and style that soon became the wildly popular Murderdolls.