We’re just 5 weeks away from Bound for Glory. Can you believe it, fellow readers? So now, it’s time to be serious and to build up a PPV that could be as good, maybe even better than Slammiversary XVI. Many things on the menu this week, Moose will reveal why he attacked Eddie Edwards last week, we’ll know who is the mysterious Boss that called LAX and the OGz last week. Two rematches are scheduled, Tessa Blanchard vs. Su Yung for the Impact Knockouts Championship and Petey Williams vs. Rich Swann. The Desi Hit Squad will face off with Grado and Joe Hendry. Eli Drake is starting an open challenge and the whole oVe will be in action too. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action so, your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week 

  • Petey Williams defeated Rich Swann, thanks to a distraction from Matt Sydal
  • Desi Hit Squad defeated Grado & Joe Hendry
  • KM & Fallah Bahh met with Scarlett Bordeaux. They thanked her for her advice. She said that they need power and confidence, and would do anything for a man like that
  • Eli Drake defeated Stone Rockwell

  • The Lucha Brothers cut a promo, offering to have Cage join them to take out oVe. If he doesn’t, they’ll do it by themselves
  • Impact Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard defeated Su Yung. Post-match, Allie and Kiera Hogan prevented Tessa from getting trapped into the coffin.

  • The King and Konnan were summoned to a meeting by The Heads of the Families, a 6-Man Match is made for Bound for Glory
  • oVe (Sami Callihan & Dave and Jake Crist) defeated Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, & Zachary Wentz. After the match, Callihan replied to the Lucha Brothers saying they will feud with them forever. If Cage wants to be involved, they will never forget.
  • Moose came to explain accompanied by Austin Aries and Killer Kross. Moose said he was always there for Eddie Edwards, but Eddie Edwards wasn’t there when Moose was concussed, hospitalized, and contemplating retirement. But Killer Kross was there for him, and Aries called him. He thanked Aries for being a true friend and greatest man that ever lived. Aries says they have Moose, the killer, and the mastermind; no one can stop them and everything has changed. Johnny Impact arrived, words war was followed by a brawl. Moose fought off security and Aries got some chairs. They wrapped one around his head and made another chair swing, just like they did to Eddie Edwards last week.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Rich Swann vs Petey Williams
Impact ReDefined rematch, but this time with Matt Sydal at the announce table. This is what I’m used to calling a modern classic, but with the idea of building up a feud between Sydal and Swann. But the match was good, again. Petey Williams has this unique ability to push his opponents to their limits and reveal the best of them. Swann won the first match, will he convert the test?
Back and forth to start the match, until Petey took over and hit a dropkick. He put Swann into the Tree of Woe and went for The Oh Canada nut stomper but Swann connected with a spider German suplex. Swann grounded the action and hit a rolling thunder. Action went to the floor where Petey hit a hurricanrana on Swann.
Back in the ring, Petey hit the code breaker and went for the Canadian Destroyer. Swann fought off but Petey hit the complete shot. Petey again looked for a Destroyer, Swann escaped again and hit a head kick and the lethal injection. Petey battled back and locked on the Sharpshooter. Swann grabbed the ropes. Swann hit a hurricanrana but Petey cut him off with a powerbomb and a side Russian leg sweep. Swann rallied with a running shooting star press and a Michinoku driver. Petey powdered, but Swann connected with a spin kick and a splash on the floor. Sydal headed to ringside and distracted Swann, who missed the Phoenix splash and allowed Petey to hit the Destroyer for the win. So with one all, it’s a draw.

– oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake and Dave Crist) vs Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, & Zachary Wentz
This match lasted 4 minutes, but it was just insane. oVe attacked right at the bell and hit dives. Wentz fought off Sami and hit a run-up dive off of his back and wiped out the pile of men on the floor. Trey hit a hurricanrana on the floor and Ace followed with an apron blockbuster to the floor. This whole segment was pure magic. Back in the ring, Sami took control, working over Wentz and tagging in Jake. Trey tagged in, they traded kicks, Dave then took control. Ace was tagged in but Dave stopped him with a kind of GTS variation. Ace rallied with the disaster kick, but the whole oVe quickly cut him off and triple teamed him. The All-Seeing eye finished it. Post-match, Sami hit the Cactus driver on Ace to send a message to Cage and The Lucha Brothers.
What would Impact Wrestling be without oVe? They’re tearing down the house every week, whoever they wrestle… Kudos to Dave, Jake, and THE Draw, Sami.

– The LAX Segment
I’m used to comparing segments to movies. But for this one, we’re in between West Side Story, Gangs of New York and The Godfather. Two weeks ago King tried to kill a child during LAX’s celebration, breaking the “G Code.” Both Konnan and The King were called away last week and were now attending a meeting of the Heads of the Families. The Old Men were not happy at all and said business would be hurt by this kind of heat. Konnan said King broke the code, King replied this was bullshit to keep him down. The Triumvirate talked and said the cease-fire will continue until Bound for Glory. It will be LAX & Konnan vs. The OGz & King in the Final War. Konnan said he should have taken out King a long time ago and on October 14th, he won’t miss the chance.
I may have been frozen out by this child thing, the way Impact Wrestling was able to get out this quagmire is good. A very cinematic vision to announce the first Bound for Glory match. The next few weeks should be interesting, to see if the two stables are able to repsect the cease-fire…

The not-Nygma’s Moment(s) of the Week

Eli Drake
I have nothing against Eli, but could we give this man real matches against real opponents? He’s a former World Champion after all!

Call the Fashion Police, please. Mixing silver, gold, yellow and sequins, that’s just not possible…

The Titanic officially sank. So now we move on to The Young and The Restless. Katarina loves Grado but she prefers Joe, but Joe doesn’t love her but he loves Grado… Stop with the soap operas, guys, we want wrestling…

The Nygma’s Award(s) of the Week

Ace Austin, Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel
Some enhancements talents are just there to be jobbers. This week, these 3 men didn’t play that role in their match against oVe, they really played the game and showed what they are about. Like I said about Zachary Wentz, the indy wrestling sensations are custom-made for Impact Wrestling, mostly for X-Division. Just for that, it worths a Nygma Award.

Tessa Blanchard
I can hear you say, “What? She finally appreciates Tessa?” The fact is she made a great match against Su Yung, with no interference. She, of course, tried to use a chair, she also sold this bratty attitude I don’t like. I haven’t reached the point of saying “Tessa Blanchard is really undeniable.” She is talented, that’s undeniable, her attitude not really. I wish Tessa Blanchard nothing but the best, but she still has to convince me she’s really 100% undeniable.

Johnny Impact
Johnny Impact is given another title chance and it’s great. But I wish this time he could win. I don’t give him a Nygma Award because of that, but the way he talked to Aries, Kross and Moose was a must hear moment. As a French, I’ve learnt more curse words from Johnny than from any other wrestler. His promos are ballsy and are enriching my English swear words vocabulary. Thanks, Johnny…

To be eNYGMAtic…

ReDefined was good, and this week’s episode was walking in its footsteps. The good news comes from the return of the cinematic segments that were so important on the Road to Slammiversary. I missed those moments because they are giving an extra value to the storylines, a different vision of the characters too.
We’re definitely on the Road to Bound for Glory. We can feel where the PPV card is going. Some matches, even unannounced, are definitely on the build-up mode, like Swann/Sydal, Allie/Tessa, oVe/Cage & Lucha Brothers.
Impact Wrestling is taping some new episodes in Mexico this week so we’ll have more news about those matches very soon. So don’t miss the upcoming reviews… 
And because you agree with me, of course, I see you next week… And never forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Photomontage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.