Most people know Andy Biersack as the warpaint-covered frontman of rock/metal band Black Veil Brides, but did you know one of his earliest musical influences was punk? Being introduced to bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash, The Dead Boys, Generation X, The Ramones and The Misfits by his dad has obviously helped shape his own personal style. As a kid Andy also gravitated on his own to Social Distortion, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Alkaline Trio and Tiger Army. Chris (Biersack, Andy’s dad) said, “it never surprised me that BVB did well within the Warped Tour scene because Andy, himself, epitomized the true spirit of punk and alternative rock. What he does as Andy Black is a natural extension of that.”

The Andy Black project has allowed Andy to explore other genres and styles and this track was definitely a perfect fit for him. Inspired by Sid Vicious before him (although a waaaaay better singer obvs), Andy sticks with the original Frank Sinatra opening before launching into the fast and punchy cover.

The video is actually really sweet, a simple punk performance featuring a diverse mix of fans is framed by personal home-video footage of a young Andy performing in his bedroom. On Instagram he said ‘Growing up I used to film “concerts” in my room with the family home video camera and we wanted to capture the same sort of feeling of being silly and singing like you’re alone in your room with no one judging.” The whole thing has a really fun, feel-good vibe. I think we may have even spotted a sneaky appearance from Juliet Simms.

Go watch it now and dance around your bedroom like no-one is watching. You are a punk rock star!



By Rai Jayne Hearse

A hermit from Up North, Rai spends her time scribbling words, buried under a pile of magazines and cassette tapes. Whenever she does finally emerge from her tiny office she tries to achieve world domination as the bassist of kick-ass punk band Pink Hearse.