Seattle’s Thunderpussy plays the Black Heart in North West London tonight. The four-piece all female rock-stars are setting cities alight with their rock n roll swagger. Coming from a town that conceived a musical genre and gave the world many instrumental musicians have now given birth to a new wave of Seattle starlets.

Starting their eight-day tour of the UK and Ireland at the Black Heart before heading to other parts of Europe to spread rock n roll to the far and beyond. The band have the seal of approval from Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, who played on their debut record and appeared at a few live shows, made me stand to attention and take notice. Seattle’s music scene continues to test time. Newer bands carry the Seattle Sound with musicians such as Star Anna, Ayron Jones and the Way, La Luz, Hobosexual, Grizzled Mighty and the wonderfully named Thunderpussy who we’re here to see tonight, but, be careful when searching that name online, especially if you’re on the works internet.

On comes Molly Sides with guitarist Whitney Petty, Leah Julius on bass and Ruby Dunphy on drums to a bustling crowd at the Black Heart. It’s hot, the crowd tight against this low stage as Ruby begins a beat, Whitney strolls into a riff, Molly is at one with the mic, her voice of old-school classic rock goddess elegance, and this is their power flowing rock tune “Speed Queen”, one of my favourites off the record.

Thunderpussy need a bigger stage, their aura is strong and energy flows incredibly around the venue, as sweat drops from passers-by and I don’t think it’s because of the beer prices. Whitney Petty doesn’t just play this guitar she makes pure unadulterated love to it; the riffs are extraordinary spine-tingling. Going into “No Heaven” the vibe slows a little, but only for a short time as we get a hugging riff reminiscent of a Neil Young bit.  “Gentle Frame” displays Molly’s swagger with impeccable vocals mixed with Leah Julius’ groove-laden bass licks, on the killer tune “Fever” they now have me by the palm of their hand.

Whitney Petty offers her riffs like its trick or treat, and to be honest, it’s electrifying as the flow talks to the insides….I’m going full-on fanboying, can I be a fanboy at my age? Well, who cares, I love a good riff and Petty can keep a narcoleptic awake with her playing.

Molly gets all romantic about home and gives us “The Cloud” a gentle ballad able to show strength in her voice as the band holds back with their tender beats. Heads bob slowly as phones are pulled from pockets to record the show they’re watching live. A little pet peeve here, phones in eye view and backpacks not being removed in this tight Black Heart.

These cats are pure rock n roll, as all four carry their weight for the band. I hear a bit of Neil Young’s rock in the free world riff within the set, this shows how far they are influenced by the greats, such as Young, Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin.

Finishing the evening with “Thunderpussy”, a faster, more punk feels to previous tunes, hitting faster notes with Ruby Dunphy non-stop all evening hitting those skins, Leah Julius on bass calmly keeps the energy growing with her kick arse style. Molly seductively joins the sweating crowd while Whitney Petty riffs away for the final part of the night.

Tonight, I’ve seen why their name is bounded about by icons of the music scene and this evening is full of energy, reminds me of LA band Glam Skanks with their zing and musical passion.

Feel the swagger big sound rock n roll and catch them on the rest of their U.K/European tour.

Did I mention it’s hot in here, hot I tell thee and it’s £1.50 for a pint of soda water and lime?