Another week has passed as has another episode of Lucha Underground and I’m here today to guide you through the latest must-see show dissecting all the action from the underground once again! With a new champion crowned last week, new alliances, and fresh new teams looking for gold we have plenty to touch on!

A Huge Opening Announcement

This week’s episode kick-started with an open letter from Antonio Cueto read out by Matt Striker. The letter stated that four men had their Ultima Lucha dreams tarnished during last weeks show; Pentagon Dark, King Cuerno, Mil Muertes, and El Dragon Azteca Jr. all faced a difficult week, however, with all four men having a claim to be the number one contender, they will do battle in a fatal four way on this weeks episode with the winner earning a shot at the Lucha Underground championship at Ultima Lucha Cuartro.

Jack Evans Meets His Fate

Season four has been an interesting one for both Matanza Cueto and Jack Evans. With Matanza keeping hold of momentum thanks to the Sacrifice to the Gods matches he appears to have lost some of the credibility and impact he was making in previous seasons. This week, however, Matanza was fed a new challenger in the shape of Jack Evans. Evans had spent the opening of this weeks show in the middle of the ring declaring that he will no longer compete because Lucha Underground continues to allow XO Lishus to wrestle. He continues with bold promises moving onto state that he would fight Matanza for hurt Johnny Mundo if he could, however, he then quits on the spot. Moments later Evans is joined by the presences of Antonio Cueto who tells Evans that “No one likes a quitter” and Jack will fight tonight and if he is to win then he shall leave on his own accord, however, lose and he will never walk out of the temple again. Revealing Evans to be the next sacrifice to Matanza a terrified Evans attempts to escape his fate but there is no running from his latest opponent.

Evans did try to put up a fight and earn a win but his efforts fell flat and it was only a matter of time before Matanza scored yet another victory scooping Jack up from a cover and delivering a Wrath of the Gods for yet another win.

A New Team Sets their Sights On Gold & New Rivals

A couple of weeks back Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, and XO Lishus came together to form a brand-new trio’s team and this week the three took part in a Lucha Underground Trios Championship match for the first time since forming. Taking on the current champs in the reptile tribe this was a fun matchup full of character, fantastic wrestling, and fast-paced action. Joey Ryan and Jeremiah kick-started things and very quickly Ryan provided light entertainment but with the Reptile Tribe taking things more seriously their excellent teamwork came into play quickly. We saw some well-executed sequences between Kobra Moon and XO Lishus and throughout, everyone involved had their standout moments. It was clear from start to finish which team had their better chemistry and all-around solid teamwork and the lack of experience together for the challengers worked against them.

The closing mounts saw everyone involved and action all over the ring. We had Ivelisse hitting a running senton, Lishus going for a suicide dive and back in the ring, Daga traps Joey into a submission which ultimately results in Joey tapping out and the Reptile Tribe retaining.

After the match, a brand-new feud truly kick-started involving this brand-new team. After Ivelisse went in to make the save, Paul London surprises her with a vicious kick and as they are all held down the White Rabbit taunts them. This is defiantly an interesting turn and promises action to keep an eye out for and play close attention to!

Heated Rivalries Continue & a New #1 Contender is Crowned 

Following the huge announcement in the opening of this weeks show, King Cuerno, Mil Muertes, Pentagon Dark, and El Dragon Azteca Jr. all faced off in a must-see fatal four-way main event to determine the new number one contender to the Lucha Underground Championship. With all four men desperate to make it to Ultima Lucha the action was heated and fast paced with so many close calls and intense moments. Muertes took it upon himself to waste no time taking everyone out with clotheslines in the opening. It was a dominant and impressive start for Mil who was dishing out devastating moves left, right, and center.

There was so much going on this week’s main event once again that you could not take your eyes off the screen! Season four has consisted of so many intense and brilliant rivalries and storylines and that was showcased greatly I this week’s fatal four-way main event. Midway through we saw Fenix make an appearance who comes out grabbing Melissa who shows fear by screaming “this isn’t you!” and the reaction from the Lucha Underground announcer grabs the attention of Azteca who for weeks has expressed a soft spot for Santos. A brawl between the two men escalates and with now three men left in the ring it wasn’t long before the Mack made his surprise appearance and with weeks’ worth of heat going down between him and Mil Muertes this was another heated and fired up a confrontation that left Muertes down after two stunners in the ring!

The closing moments saw an exploding piledriver from Pentagon to Muertes and a superkick to Cuerno and with Pentagon covering Mil the former champion now becomes the new number one contender concluding an excellent, star-studded main event!

The Rest of the Show and What is to Come

This week’s episode was intense and totally action packed as per usual. Some of the biggest names on the roster were involved in the main event and overall the latest episode was an excellent showing of the season so far. We also got an excellent idea of what is to come in terms of Ultima Lucha and Jake Strong was in action once again in a unique fashion! With so many exciting episodes being provided make sure to join me back here next week for the latest Lucha Underground review!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey