Every so often a band explodes on to the music scene, hurtling to fame and recruiting a dedicated cult of loyal fans on the way. Creeper shot to fame a few years ago supported by their fans ‘The Creeper Cult’ and we can’t ever forget the way My Chemical Romance buried themselves forever deep into the hearts of their fiercely devoted ‘MCRmy’.  Palaye Royale are one of those bands, you know the kind, the ones that just have that something that you can’t put your finger on, it’s that feeling that you’re witnessing something special, that something amazing is about to happen. The trio of brothers were the first unsigned act to win MTV’s ‘Musical March Madness’ competition, beating the likes of Coldplay and Linkin Park, and the band have been working and touring relentlessly since then. Now it’s finally time for the hugely anticipated follow up to Boom Boom Room: Side A.

Boom Boom Room: Side B opens with the infectiously catchy ‘Death Dance’, a track that quite literally dares you to try and not tap along but it’s during the next song, ‘Teenage Doors of Heartbreak’, when that raw emotion we love from Palaye Royale really kicks in. It’s clear that, despite their young ages, these brothers are insanely talented, a fact that is cemented in the third track, and the first single from the album, ‘You’ll Be Fine’. The guitar intro conjures up that whole fucked-up Victorian carnival with a rock ‘n’ roll twist kinda feel that the band are so good at portraying. Palaye Royale are so much more than just a band, their aesthetic and vibe is just as important as the music.

‘Dying in a Hot Tub’ is less frantic, allowing us to catch our breath and feel the heartbreaking emotion in the lyrics, that said, it definitely evokes the spirit of 90s Suede which can only be a good thing. The band have mastered the art of flamboyantly retro guitar riffs and fashion whilst managing to successfully translate it to a young modern-day audience who are loving every second.  The standout track of the album has got to be ‘Mrs. Infamous’, also fondly known as ‘My Sweetness’. Palaye Royale have become known for their intimate VIP acoustic shows before every concert where ‘My Sweetness’ quickly became a well-loved fan favourite and the track that people have been praying would appear on the record. Not ones to disappoint, the song was included and the name changed to ‘Mrs. Infamous’, although I suspect it might always be known as ‘My Sweetness’. Remington Leith‘s voice always manages to kick me right in the feels, whether it’s with Palaye Royale, or as the voice of Johnny Faust on the American Satan soundtrack, it hurts my heart but in the most tragically delicious way.

Boom Boom Room: Side B is, of course, the perfect followup to Side A and the two albums together display the versatility, talent, emotion, and uniqueness of this exciting band. We can’t wait to see what comes next and that will start with their upcoming headline UK tour from 2nd October.

Boom Boom Room: Side B is released September 28 on Sumerian Records.

By Rai Jayne Hearse

A hermit from Up North, Rai spends her time scribbling words, buried under a pile of magazines and cassette tapes. Whenever she does finally emerge from her tiny office she tries to achieve world domination as the bassist of kick-ass punk band Pink Hearse.