NXT Graduates Who Can Revive Careers By Going Back

Every single NXT Star dreams of one day making it to the main roster for great success on the bigger stage. Success in the eyes of these guys and girls includes title reigns, RAW and Smackdown: LIVE Main Events, pay per view matches, and career highlights at some of the biggest events of the wrestling year including Wrestlemania and SummerSlam amongst many. Throughout the years the likes of Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Kevin Owens and more have gone on to find that success and become key members of the main roster, however, the same can’t be said for many other NXT Graduates and so today we are going to be diving into this topic and discussing five current superstars whose next best option is to make a move back to NXT:

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The Revival

There simply is no denying that the former two-time NXT Tag Team Champions, the Revival are one of the best tag teams in the world today. Matches against the likes of American Alpha, DIY, and the Authors of Pain have proven this fact exactly and the pair were highlighted for years as the standouts of the NXT tag team division. After two title reigns, several matches deemed by fans as all-time greats, and a brilliant track record in developmental many believed the duo would go on to great things up on the main roster, however, since their arrival on Monday night RAW Dash and Dawson haven’t made the same impact they did down in NXT and after being apart of the main roster for as long as they have been its difficult to see that changing anytime soon. Injuries have of course hindered any initial push, however, since their return the pair haven’t been given the biggest push and in fact struggled to get a great deal of airtime and the chance to work at the level they did down in NXT and connect with the fans. The move back down to NXT does seem like such a shame considering we all wanted to see them do well, but the pair deserve to also be showcased at the best level possible and we got the best out of them down in NXT. Maybe, just maybe, the timing wasn’t right.

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Titus O’Neil

He may not have been a part of the NXT that we see today but Titus O’Neil is an original member of the NXT we knew as a game show and while those days may not be the highlight moments the WWE has provided and the best of days for Titus O’Neil they are indeed a part of history. It’s honestly a real shame to see the struggles Titus has had to deal with throughout his WWE career. His size, of course, gives him the advantage over many opponents and he has always owned clear potential however it just hasn’t worked. Looking towards the future, going back down to NXT for a few months appears to be the best option for him. A run there may not drastically change his career and he’s unlikely to be apart of standout matches even over in the Black and Yellow Brand but his Titus Worldwide idea fits perfectly over in NXT and it gives him the chance to develop that idea and really allow him to stand out in a way he hasn’t in a very long time.

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Tyler Breeze

The days that saw NXT rise to the top and really make an impact involved the spotlight shining right on the likes of Tyson Kidd, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, and Tyler Breeze amongst many. Current NXT stars including the Velveteen Dream have since been compared to Tyler Breeze for his very different look, unique style, and flamboyant fashion but also for the impact he has made in the ring. Breeze was known as the guy who just kept getting better and better as time went by and he became one of the most popular stars on the NXT roster and we are seeing that with the Dream today. However, the concern so many have with Velveteen right now is exactly the concern many had with Breeze, the worry that while everything he did worked in NXT that same success wouldn’t be seen up on the main roster. Since his arrival on the bigger stage, Breeze hasn’t competed anywhere near the level he did during his time in NXT and in fact, it’s next to impossible to remember a standout moment since his main roster debut. Moving back to NXT does seem to be the very best option for him. There are plenty of current roster members Breeze could work alongside and create in ring magic, but this would also give him the chance to remind fans of the days we all believed he had main event potential and possibly revive his career.

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The Ascension

One of the best Full Sail Tag-Teams of all time, The Ascension are true NXT originals. These guys had all the potential in the world and the massive following and impressive in-ring performances had them in the best of conversation and many were convinced the duo had brilliant things to come later in their WWE career, however, since they arrived on the main roster the pair have faded into the background and have struggled to have even one career highlight on the main stage. Their booking hasn’t favoured the two what so ever and from the get-go, the pair have been deemed doomed. Dramatic unnecessary changes to their character along with collisions with all-time greats set them off on a bad start and they haven’t been able to turn things around. The NXT tag team division has been thriving for years now and their come back would only add to the amazing work we see from the division.  This is the chance they need and deserve to turn things around, be apart of some amazing matches, and revive a career that has always had amazing potential.

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Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews is a prime example of the negative effects of being called up too early. Destined for great things, many had high expectations for the former indie darling. He had a following, an array of must-see matches, and upon his signing, with the WWE many believed he would become the next big thing in the company. His early move to the main roster, however, changed that massively and it’s been evident that he just wasn’t ready for a main roster call-up. Of course, he has always had the talent, but Crews hadn’t been given the time to work a standout match in NXT, develop his character, and create an even bigger following meaning his main roster run just hasn’t gone anywhere. There is without a shadow of a doubt the chance to turn things around for Crews and moving back down to NXT is most certainly the answer. He’s always needed more time on the Black and Yellow brand and a second run there will give him the chance to make the impact he was always supposed to make there, and kick-start the run in the WWE many always expected to see.