Captain Marvel (First Trailer)

It has finally landed. The first trailer for Marvel’s next big screen adventure has swooped down onto your news feed. The first female Marvel lead superhero is coming and is making a strong first impression. It seems that with one movie Marvel hopes to establish this new leading lady into the MCU we all have come to love. Take a look for yourselves at the trailer just below:

It all starts with a remnant of the 90’s (Blockbuster) throwing us instantly into the past. From here we are introduced to Captain Marvel after she crashes down onto Earth. Samuel Jackson’s voice comes in establishing our heroine as a renegade solider who has come from above in the midst of war. It seems clear that she had come to earth in search of her enemy the shapeshifting race known as the Skrulls (which might explain the grandma punching scene). Through this journey she will rediscover her past and how she went from air force pilot to intergalactic superhero.

It appears Captain Marvel will join up with shield in order to find and eliminate the threat. This is where both Nick Fury and Agent Phil Colsen will be introduced and allow audience new insight into these characters. We will also get a glimpse into the past of some other characters from the MCU such as Ronan the Conquerer the main antagonist from Guardians of The Galaxy. We get a brief glimpse at his back as he surveys a planet that looks a lot like earth. It appears Marvel are trying to make you nostalgic with this piece giving not just a glimpse into the past but into the past of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

This won’t just be a trip down memory lane not by any means, as we are being introduced to one of Marvel’s heaviest hitters. This is a origin story one that will aim to place Captain Marvel as one of the new faces of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Marvel are making a big statement with her arrival that could shake up the very line up of the Avengers. As the first Marvel film to focus on a female superhero Captain Marvel is going to make a big impact when it arrives and I for one cannot wait.

Captain Marvel will arrive on the 8th of March 2019.