He’s back, swinging into your PlayStation with a new found determination. Marvel have jumped on their starring character to bring joy to a new generation of gamers with the latest and most impressive looking Spider-Man game in years. If you haven’t already bought the game you are missing out, but why is this game worth your time?

Marvel’s Spider-Man centres on a veteran Web Slinger, eight years in the making as he is at the peak of his powers. You start the game by taking down the Kingpin, one of Spider-Man’s most famous enemies. You team up with Yuri, your police contact and begin your first adventure. After this victory, you can truly begin your Spidey experience. This open-world adventure takes you across the whole of Manhattan as you try to save the everyday citizens of New York. While you try to keep order in this chaotic city a new threat emerges, the Demons lead by the strange Negative Man. This is where the story bases itself and the rest? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

While most might be aware that Marvel have been trying to get Spider-Man onto your consoles for the longest time with countless incarnations through different generations, it is clear that they had yet to find a rhythm for Spider-Man. That search might be over. Marvel’s Spider-Man gives you the chance to literally become Spider-Man. From swinging around the city, to beating up the bad guys with endless wisecracking, this is the game to make you feel like the superhero you love. Spider-Man is filled with not just superhero goodness, but endless fun. The best quality of the game is how it can make you smile while you try to take down even the most simple of challenges. The game feels so smooth and flashy with a great mix of combat and environmental traversal, which brings the whole experience together.

Spider-Man functions in two distinct ways, traversal and combat. While they are fluid systems, you can see these two elements are the ground work for the title’s mechanics. Mobility is the aim of the game, being able to web-sling across New York or swing down on unsuspecting enemies keeps the game moving. The mobility feeds into the combat systems giving players the best chance to take down enemies without having to just keep punching away. This gives you the chance to swing into the battle or flip away from incoming bullets, adding a new dimension to fighting the way that only Spider-Man can bring. This pairs well with web-slinging which allows you to fling towards a specific enemy or use the environment or even enemies as a weapon. These elements together create for a dynamic, fluid and an all-round fun experience.

Spider-Man has had many looks throughout his years and this has inspired one of the most interesting aspects of the game which is the Spidey suits. As you progress through the game you will unlock new suits that all possess different abilities that will aid you on your adventure. These becomes more personal with the ability to match your favourite look with your favourite ability making it your personal suit for your personal style. Their is a suit for every event and you can mix and match at any possible moment. 

The game also includes Spidey gadgets that can improve your battles and interact with the environments. These include such classics as the Web-shooters, Impact Web, Trip Mines and Elector Webs. Each can change the way you confront a situation, changing the way you take down enemies or how you begin an encounter. These gadgets can change the way you approach enemies and are sometimes essential for dealing with more challenging enemies.

Spider-Man is an open-world experience and has all the characteristics of a great one. You can explore the whole of New York city swinging your way through or you can can fast travel between choice locations on the subway. Along with this, you are given an open map that can be unlocked through signal towers throughout the city. These towers allow you to see mission markers that will help improve your progression through the game. These are needed in order to gain new skills or purchase new suits. These map icons are a staple of the open-world experience and help keep Spider-Man interesting and engaging, rather than endless story missions. You can spend hours working on the city while you experience all the best things Spider-Man has to offer.

Spider-Man is a fun and slick open-world adventure that will keep players entertained for hours upon hours. Insomniac has done something special here by bringing us not just another attempt at a Spider-Man game but a game that knows and uses Spider-Man’s history to create an outstanding gaming experience. As an open world experience, this game does everything right, giving just enough for gamers to get their teeth into while also providing an ‘Amazing’ story that makes you feel like you’re in the heart of a comic.

This game stands out because of its amazing graphics its fluid gameplay and its compelling characters which all endeavour to create the best gaming experience they possibly can. The only draw back to this game is its open world repetitiveness. These are the same systems that we have seen used time and time again which in the hands of a less developer could be seen as lazy, but mostly they only add to the experience and ideas the game has to offer. No moment is wasted as you strive to save Manhattan from your many enemies. The best reason to play this game is that it doesn’t make you feel like you’re playing a Spider-Man game it takes you into the game and gives you the chance to become your own Spider-Man.